Natural, Barely There Makeup Look

Hello everyone!

Happy Wednesday! I love Wednesdays, because it means we’re in the middle of the week and the weekend is right around the corner. And this weekend is my birthday weekend, so extra excited. 😊

I wanted to share this extremely natural look I’ve been wearing to work lately. These days, I honestly don’t care much about my makeup at work. Sometimes I feel like a full face, but most of the time it’s either no makeup or this look. Below is before I apply anything to my face.

This is what I consider a natural-ish look. First, I wash my face with water and apply the Soap & Glory Antioxidant Day Cream with Green Tea & Vitamin C and 30 SPF. I also use the Fenty Gloss Bomb in Chocolit, smells so good.

There’s no foundation. Yup, you read that right. I actually use a CC cream as concealer, I don’t apply it to the rest of my face. I’ve reviewed this before, it’s the Covergirl Clean BB Cream in the shade medium. I use my mini-beauty sponge and applied a touch of it to my under eyes, and the excess on top of my lids.

I use the same sponge to apply the L.A. Girl Pro Setting Powder in the shade Banana Yellow to set the concealer, (technically BB cream), under my eyes. I also dab it on the rest of my face to keep any oil at bay.

Next, I’ll curl my lashes with a Sally Hansen curler. Curling my lashes is my favorite step! Even when I don’t wear makeup, I always curl my lashes, because it makes such a difference! I also combed my eyebrow with a spooly, just to get all the hairs in order, but I didn’t apply any product.

I apply my blush with the right side of this L.A. Girl Hottie Blush. I’m still testing this blush set, but I really love the shade on the right!

And…that’s it. I know, shortest makeup tutorial ever.

Honestly, with the pandemic and not really going anywhere but work, I haven’t been wearing any makeup. But when I feel like putting in the effort, this is usually what I’ve been doing. Hope you guys like it!

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