My 26th Birthday…

Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday and I celebrated with my family over the weekend. We got some food to go and stayed in, but it was so much fun and relaxing. I got to spend the actual birthday with my boyfriend, binging murder mysteries and eating sushi. 😋 It was such a perfect birthday weekend! Also, my parents treated me to my first custom cake, a Slytherin cake!!! It looked great and was absolutely delicious!

*I like keeping things upbeat and talk about new products I’ve used, but I just want to vent right now, this isn’t normally how my posts are*

I was thinking about where I’m at being 26, and to be honest, I feel a little down because it’s not where I wanted to be. The main issue is my job, though I’m grateful for it, my boss is a very toxic person. I’ve been applying to tons of jobs, and I received two offers, they just weren’t the right fit. I hope I can look back at this post when I’m 27, and be happy with where I’m at.

But, other than that little bump in the road, I’m happy with the rest of my life! I’ve made Youtube videos on and off since 2015. I was never consistent, but now that I’m trying to do more and focus on it, I’ve noticed a huge growth on my channel. If you like beauty, fashion, or cats, feel free to subscribe!

I also set a goal to post more on here, because I absolutely love blogging! I also love the fact that I’ve made so many great friends through social media! My social media friends support my blog and Youtube more than people in my real life! I’ve had some friends from WordPress and Instagram for over four years, it’s crazy!

It’s my 26th birthday and overall, I’m happy. To future me: I hope it gets 1000x better at 27! 👍🏽

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