EyeBuyDirect Frame Review: St. Michel

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my thoughts on the EyeBuyDirect frame style St. Michel. If you wear prescription glasses and you haven’t tried EyeBuyDirect, you better keep reading. If you like to wear glasses for fashion and like inexpensive high-quality glasses, also keep reading.

Style/Look of Frames

These frames are metal and are extremely light-weight on the face. They are round glasses and come in two sizes; small and large. I purchased the small, and it fits my face perfectly. These are definitely for people who want a minimal pair of glasses, almost resembling the king of round glasses himself, Harry Potter…yes, I had to throw that in.

The nose pads are plastic and I haven’t had any issues with them. Some plastic nose pads pinch, but these ones do not. These are in black, but the website offers seven different color options. Yes, seven…we love options!

Note: These are pretty simple glasses, but the nose bridge is slightly higher than most glasses. Be sure to keep that in mind if you consider this style.


The St. Michel frames are $32.00.

Non-Prescription Folks: If you don’t need a prescription or anything added to these, it would be around $35 with shipping. Note: To avoid paying for a special lens, click customize and select the lens that says ‘included’. It makes it seem like you have to pay for lenses if you’re not getting a prescription, but the basic ones are included.

Prescription Folks: My prescription people, it really depends on your preference. For me, I choose the standard lenses (1.5 index), with blue light filter, and that costs $19.00.

I paid $55 for these glasses with my prescription and a blue light filter on them. This is such an affordable alternative to most optometrist’s offices and you have a variety of style to choose from.

This is a purely honest review, not sponsored or anything like that, but I do have a referral code you can use. One of the best things about this website is that there’s always a deal you can find, so you never have to pay full price, which is why it’s my favorite online store to purchase glasses from. If you check the website or their Instagram, they usually have a code that will save you a percentage or it’s BOGO. To use my code, the total needs to be $50.00. It’ll save you $10.00 and I’ll receive $10.00 EyeBuyDirect credit. The code is IFKFEUJQ8K

Let me know what you guys think and if you have another website you like for glasses!

Thanks for reading!

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