Review: L.A. Girl Cosmetics Lip Attraction Lipstick

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far! If not, well at least it’s Wednesday, middle of the week is already here 🙌🏽 Today, I wanted to share a quick review on the L.A. Girl Lip Attraction Lipstick in the shade “On Fire”.

Note: None of these photos were edited, this was taken in front of the window, so this is what the color looks like in natural lighting.

The color is extremely vibrant. This shade is more of a red-pink, rather than a true red on me. With some lip liner, I’m sure you could make it more subtle. This is a semi-gloss finish, though I feel like it’s extremely glossy/shiny, so if you prefer matte lipsticks, this may not be for you.

The formula contains Vitamin E, keeping the lips nice and hydrated. I definitely prefer matte lips, but my lips get dry towards the end of the day, so this Vitamin E was a game changer. My lips didn’t feel dry and they looked nice and plump.

I purchased this from Ulta for $8.00, which is a decent price for lipsticks. Also, the packaging is very nice. The top has the shade color and a pair of lips on it, which I love! It’s cute and shows you what shade it is, I wish more companies would put the actual color on the outside of the lipstick. Best part, it’s a magnetic closure! It won’t randomly open in your bag, which I’m always nervous about. Such a cool idea, so far I’ve only seen this brand and Fenty Beauty incorporate magnetic closures like this.

The one negative – It does transfer, but since it’s not a matte lipstick, what do we expect? Adding some powder on top might be able to help, but red is an unforgiving color, so I highly recommend a lip liner with this lipstick. A dark brown or burgundy would be cute!

My general thoughts are the lipstick is nice, but not a must-have for me. It takes a few times to get an even coat (but that could be because of the shade I have). If you love shiny lipsticks, and know how to handle lipsticks that transfer, this might be up your alley. They have quite a few shades in this, but it’s a little too shiny for me personally.

Let me know what you guys think and/or if you’ve tried this lipstick before!

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