Work Rant (Basically Me Complaining)

Hello everyone,

Today, I just want to vent. Though I am extremely grateful to have a job during this time, it’s not a job I enjoy at all. Isn’t it sad that’s the same situation for so many people in the world? I wonder what it would be like to do what you actually wanted to do, profit off of it, and live a happy life or at least a shorter work week…ah a beautiful dream.

Anyway, at my job, it’s basically part administrative and part customer service. I used to enjoy customer service before coming to this job, sure I would get a few grumps here and there, but overall, majority of people were either friendly or in a nonchalant type of mood. At my current job, it’s the opposite. So many negative people over and over, talking down to me and my co-workers, swearing and yelling at us…I just can’t understand how people can behave like that to basically strangers they don’t know.

I get a lot of anxiety from people yelling, even if it’s over the phone. My voice starts wavering and sometimes I have to just lower the volume, so they don’t sound as loud. Listen, I’ve been frustrated at a company before, but even if I was mad, I never spoke to the person on the phone like they were dirt. I hate that mentality some people have of “I’m just going to yell and swear at this person until I get my way”. The person who has to take the calls are most likely the lowest on the totem pole, and tend to have no power to do what those people want. Honestly, when someone speaks to me like that, I put the least amount of effort into whatever they want done. People who are nice or even just more neutral, I’ll totally do whatever they needed me to do and put all my effort and time into their task.

A lot of times, it’s just a misunderstanding people may have, but they don’t give me a chance to speak. Part of my job is to send out statements, which includes statements for people who have a credit. One time, this woman called and gave me no chance to speak. I realized she had received a credit statement, meaning she owes nothing, she has a credit. I started saying “Actually, m’am-” and she cut me off, stating “Don’t you dare interrupt me like that. I pay your paycheck”…which she doesn’t, but I went ahead and put her on speaker, and let her speak about why she didn’t owe that amount and all the payment records she has for about fifteen minutes. Finally, she was done, and I said “M’am. That is actually a credit statement. It states that on the top, as well as the bottom”. She hung up. Not an apology or anything, just hung up. I don’t need an apology, but at least have the decency to say “Oh, didn’t notice that. Thanks, bye.” Is it that hard to be a decent person? And honestly, who tells people that, “Don’t you dare”, who are you, a Disney villain? I know, I know, it’s the real world, encountering rude people, but let a girl vent. 😅

Another guy called and cussed me out because he hadn’t paid what he owed. My company sends a statement every month and he did say that he received them, but still swore at me and ended up screaming into the phone “Your f*ckin useless”, all because he owed what he…knew he owed… Why are you screaming at me if you already know you owe money…what am I supposed to do? It’s just frustrating dealing with people like this for the majority of the day.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘If you hate it so much, why not apply for a new job’ ? Well, I am. I’ve applied to about 32 jobs, and had 6 interviews so far (virtually and in-person). I did get two, but they didn’t have any benefits, so I decided to decline those. The perfect job is out there for me, just have to keep looking. In the meantime, I’ll try and do some at home workouts and things like that to get rid of the stress I get from my current job.

If this is the first post you’ve read from me, sorry it was more on the negative/complaining side of things. Sometimes, we just need to get it out and this was my way of doing that. Thanks so much for reading my little rant, and if you want to rant about something, comment and let me know. We can be rant friends 😄

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