Skincare Haul: The Ordinary and Bio-Oil

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share three skincare items I recently purchased. I’m trying to get more into acids, BHAs, & AHAs, and get my skin into really good shape.

Niacinamide 10% + 1% Zinc – Ulta $5.90

I purchased this because I’ve heard so many great things about it. It’s supposed to:

  • help reduce signs of congestion
  • balance visible aspects of sebum activity (good for oily skin)
  • even out skin tone

I wanted to test this out because I have oily skin with large pores, and redness. A lot of reviews said that this was great for oily skin because they noticed their skin getting less oily and pores appeared smaller because of this. I also want to see if it can help with the redness, so we shall see.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution – Ulta $8.70

This product was recommended to me by a friend who swears it helps her as a deodorant. There are a ton of TikTok and Youtube videos with people using it for their underarms, claiming that it’ll diminish the smell towards the end of the day and lighten under arms. I’ll be trying it on my underarms and face. For the face, it’s supposed to:

  • Improve skin texture
  • Help with skin congestion
  • Help with signs of aging

If you’re thinking about using this, research more about it. Some of the basics I learned are definitely only use this in your nighttime skincare routine. Be sure to wear sunscreen if you’ve used this, I mean we should all be wearing sunscreen in general, but definitely after using this.

Use it once a week and gradually build up your skin’s tolerance. I will be using this once a week for a month, and then gradually move to two times for a month, and stop at three times a month. I don’t want to over do it. Also, if you have a medium to deeper skin tone, be careful if you’re skin is sensitive or doesn’t react to this well. Some people may experience purging or other reactions when using it, that’s why they recommend you do a test patch. But, for medium and deep skin-tones, there’s more of a chance of developing dark spots or hyperpigmentation, which would defeat the purpose of using it. There are some gentler options out there, like mandelic acid. I’m not a dermatologist of anything, just testing what might work well for my skin, so definitely do your research for your skin type.

Bio-Oil (Travel-Sized) Target $5.99

Last item I wanted to try was Bio-Oil. I’ve heard a lot about it and my friend had recommended it for stretch marks. I want to test it out on scars and dark spots. I have a few burn scars on my arms from cooking and a scar on my leg from a hair straighter. I figured for the price, why not give it a shot? It has pretty good reviews, so I’m excited to see what this can do.

These are the current new skincare items I’m introducing to my night-time regimen. Let me know if you’ve tried any before!


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