Dusty Pink Dried Flower Arrangement

Hello everyone!

I recently went to Michael’s, which is an arts and crafts store. They were doing a huge summer sale, trying to get rid of the seasonal items…even though it’s only July, but I’m not complaining.

I saw this gorgeous vase and it was 40% off! Score! I thought the shape was really unique and I loved the color. It’s not real wood, but it looks like it is. It’s also super light, which is nice.

I wanted to do that dried floral look that’s super trendy right now, and saw these dusty pink dried flowers. Obviously, I’m already feeling fall vibes, so I had to get them. The color is just so nice and natural, it makes me happy.

I always check the website on my phone before I check out, and they had a 20% any regular priced item, so I got another discount. Gosh, I love getting discounts!

I really love this look! I love changing accent items, and I especially love fall and winter decor, so I’m using this as inspiration for when the season comes! Hope you guys like the look!

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