Meet My Plant Diva: Lilly

Hello everyone,

I wanted to show you guys my most dramatic plant, the Peace Lily. If you know about plants, you know these ones make it known when they need water, as shown below.

After I gave her a thorough watering, she’s happy again! This was after about 3-4 hours of me watering it.

As a novice plant owner, I have been able to keep this plant alive for about two years, (hopefully more to come 🤞🏽😅). It’s supposed to be a great beginner plant because it droops so much, letting you know to water it.

I agree that it’s an easy plant to take care of, but sometimes I get so frustrated. I keep it out of direct sunlight, because all the experts I saw said that this could burn its leaves, but sometimes the leaves still look burnt, so I don’t understand. Also, sometimes the leaves are yellow, which could be from over watering, but to me, I underwater it…oh well. Plant babies…am I right??

Let me know what plants you have or what you think of peace lilies? Also, if you know a lot about plants and see an issue with mine, please let me know! Thanks!

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