Amazon Haul

Hello everyone! I recently purchased some items from Amazon and wanted to share it with you guys. *Links will be through my Amazon affiliate links*

Handmade Coasters $7: 6 coasters

First up, are these super cute and cozy coasters! I’ve been wanting to upgrade my coasters for a while and loved the look of these handmade coasters. They did smell a little odd, but after airing them out, they’re perfect. They were about $7 for 6 coasters, which is a great deal. The quality is great and they come with two of each color: dark grey, light grey, and a light beige. If you like these: click here.

GLINK: Stainless Steel Water Bottle $22 – w/ two lids, straw, and cleaner for straw

Next is a necessity: this 32 oz. stainless steel water bottle! How cute is this lavender color! The seller has a ton of colors and sizes for this water bottle. I love it, it works well and it also comes with two lids, a durable straw, and a cleaner for the straw. One lid is a spout lid and the other lid is straw lid. You connect the plastic straw it comes with to this lid, which is the one I prefer. I love this water bottle and you get way more than what you pay for. I mean two lids with one water bottle, I’ve never seen that before. This one is definitely a must-have imo. Click here if you like it!

Touch-Controlled Side Table Lamp – 3 Settings – w/Edison Bulb – $30

I saved the best for last. I am in love with this side table lamp. It is touch controlled, meaning you can touch the base or the black part and it will turn on and off. Not only is it touch activated, it also has two USB ports which comes in super handy to charge my phone. I have a hard to reach area for outlets, and it’s always a pain to plug something in. Now, I can use these USB ports, makes my life 1000x easier. Also, it comes with the Edison bulb, which I thought was absolutely amazing. The look of this lamp is so simple and modern, I absolutely love it. This is the best thing I’ve gotten from Amazon and it was only about $30! Click here for the link!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little haul!

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