Thrift Shop – Clothing Finds!

Hello everyone!

I decided to check out my local thrift store and found two gorgeous clothing pieces. I love shopping for decor at the thrift shop, but I’ve never really bought clothes from there before, mostly because I shop at consignment shops, like Uptown Cheapskate or Plato’s Closet.

If you want to see my thrifting experience, feel free to follow me on TikTok @amandasushma.

I was searching for about an hour and found this simple black and white striped, short-sleeved, mock-turtleneck top. It was from the brand The Limited, whose stores had gone under a few years ago. And get this, it had a brand new tag, never worn! It was basically brand new! Score! Brand new and only $7.00!

I also found this gorgeous blazer from Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor, to me, is such a gorgeous, classy, and expensive brand. I love their items for work, they always make me feel like a business woman whose got it together. This was no exception. The blazer was in decent condition, it just had some loose strings that needed to be cut. And it was only $4.25! Looking through the current website, this would usually run for over $150! I love getting amazing deals!

I can’t wait to do more thrift store hunting! What’s your favorite item you’ve found at the thrift store?

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