Dainty Jewelry from Etsy

Hello everyone,

I’ve purchased so many dainty jewelry pieces from Etsy, and wanted to share some of them with you guys! I absolutely love gold jewelry, but everything I purchased is also available in silver and some in rose gold.

First up, are these adorable earrings from the shop SamiJewels. They have a small bezel drop made of cubic zirconia on them. They’re extremely light and absolutely gorgeous. It’s simplistic, but still has that glam factor that dresses it up.

The next item is this beautiful necklace that has alternating opal and cubic zirconia charms. Again, I purchased it in yellow gold, though there are more options available. I just love the details, even the clasp has a heart charm on it. So cute! This one was the 16 inch length. I love the opals on it! It’s great quality, none of them have fallen out. I love how delicate this necklace is, the right amount of detailing for a dainty necklace.

I wanted some really tiny studs to go in my second-hole piercings, and these 3mm cubic zirconia studs were perfect…yes, in yellow gold. Everything is in yellow gold…no I don’t have a problem. 😅

Let me know which was your favorite and if you have a store you like to purchase dainty jewelry!

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