Thrift Finds For Halloween


I’m back with a thrift haul, but instead of clothes, this time it’s Halloween goodies. I’m super excited to decorate, (okay, maybe I decorated in August for Halloween…shhh).

First, I stopped at Goodwill. I don’t know too much about Goodwill, but it seems like they may have some sort of partnership with a store, because they had brand new Halloween items for only $2! I got this super cute ghost, who I have displayed on my balcony.

Next item, was this giant black spider! It was only $2 and he’s super creepy. I named him Aragog…if you know, you know.

The next two items are from my local thrift store. I’m hosting a small, hopefully Halloween chic type of party and I thought this silver candle holder was perfect. It already came with a candle, so win-win. It is a little loose, but I figured no one is really going to move it. I might replace the candle it has with an LED candle, just to be safe, but I love the look of it.

Last item and my favorite piece are these three candle holders. One is missing a little piece to hold the candle, but I might just drop an LED in there. I love the little crystals on it. It was missing a few pieces, but it’s perfect for Halloween. Has that gothic/vampire diaries vibe that I love.

Ahh, I love the thrift store! Let me know if you’ve found any fun Halloween items!

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