Seasonal Bakes: Cinnamon-Apple Cake

Hello everyone!

It is finally feeling chilly in North Carolina and I am in the holiday spirit. I was craving the delicious smell of cinnamon and decided to try and make a cinnamon apple cake. I found this beginner friendly recipe from the website the Sweetest Menu. It was super easy and tasted delicious. I gave some to my boyfriend and my co-workers and they enjoyed it.

I did substitute regular milk for oat milk and the cake still came out delicious, so feel free to substitute! One tip: After peeling and cutting the apple, I think caramelizing them should be the move. Note: this is not part of the recipe and I haven’t tried this yet. Either caramelizing them or coating them with cinnamon, I feel like that would give it the extra holiday pop of flavor.

This cake came out so yummy and delicious! It’s perfect for beginners! Let me know what your favorite winter dessert is!

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