Fall Date: Vineyard in the Mountains

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend and I both had the same weekday off because of a holiday, so we decided to go to Boone, NC and check out Grandfather Vineyard. I had been there once during the summer last year. But, I’m a winter, cold-loving, type of woman and really wanted to check it out during the colder seasons, for the cozy environment.

They only have outside tables, but their main area has flame heaters, so it wasn’t too bad. I would definitely bring some extra layers, just in case you’re unable to get that warmer area. The other tables don’t have any heaters, so it’ll be really cold. It’s also first come, first serve.

The two glasses of wine I tried were the Sweet Creek Red and the Harvest Moon Red. I loved the Sweet Creek Red! I’m trying to expand my palette *tips hat*, and usually I’m a white wine/Moscato person, but this red was delicious! I was told by the employee that their Harvest Moon Red was their sweetest wine…and they were not lying. It was almost like drinking candy. That one is definitely for someone who likes super sweet wines. I felt like I was about to get a cavity or something. I enjoyed the Sweet Creek Red so much, I decided to buy a bottle to bring back with us.

Food wise, they have some really nice shareable appetizer entrees, but not really a main entrée/restaurant type of place. In the spring and summer, they have a food truck, which has really great appetizer items. It looks like for the fall and winter, they use a local company to create their appetizers. The company is called Boone Appetit, and the honey smoked salmon dip was so good! It was so good, I had to get two! You are allowed to bring your own food, just not alchohol…. The crackers, cheese and grapes were what we bought from a grocery store. Definitely love that we can bring our own food!

Warning: if you do go, be sure you’re prepared for fog. We encountered heavy fog multiple times! If you’re not used to it, it may be a shock. It’s usually very heavy and you can’t see the vehicles in front of you.

Boone itself is gorgeous! If you enjoy snow sports or mountain views/trails, you should definitely visit the town. It is small, but has lots to offer. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a little of the vineyard!

Have you been to a vineyard or orchard this year? Even though it’s closer to winter, I love going to some orchards because they have fire pits/bonfires! Plus, there’s usually cider donuts..yummm!

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