Chocolate Nails

Hello everyone!

I’m not a big nail person, but I decided to get them done this weekend for the holidays. I tend to go for light, safe nudes or beiges. Those colors just seem so classy and timeless to me, but I wanted to try something new. I decided to opt for a dark brown shade with a simple design on my ring fingers.

I did get a gel manicure, so this will last for a while. I love it so much, reminds me of chocolate! Follow me on Tiktok at AmandaSushma for a little before and after of my nails.

Are you a nail person? I’m still a newbie, but I know I don’t want to do acrylic. All my friends who’ve done acrylics said it ruined their natural nails for a long time. I really just want my natural nails to be long and almond shaped. Have you tried sns nails? Let me know your thoughts!

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