OOTD: Feeling Brown

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share my cardigan and top combo today! I love this brown cardigan so much! I actually had this in my closet for about a year, because I didn’t know if the color would look good with anything. It was a present and I didn’t want to just give it away. Luckily, we are in the age of browns and nudes, and I’m so happy I finally gave this cardigan a shot.

The cardigan is from H&M and I paired it with this turtleneck bodysuit from PrettyLittleThing. The turtleneck has short sleeves, so it fit perfect with the cardigan. Sometimes long-sleeves and cardigans are just annoying, so I’m happy I paired it with a short-sleeve. I wore some high-waisted skinny jeans from Forever 21.

Hope you guys like this color combo! I feel like brown has finally been receiving all the attention this past year. Beiges, browns, and those similar natural colors have been all over my feeds. What do you guys think? Are you into more neutrals or prefer more color in your wardrobe? I’m definitely more of a neutral, beige, brown and black type of person.

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