Fender Bender – Day in My Life

Hello everyone,

Hope you guys are having a lovely day today! On my way to work, someone side swiped me and ran off. It sucks, but luckily the damage is just the aesthetics of the car, nothing life threatening happened. But, this is my first accident and I guess I was naïve to pull into a parking lot, thinking the person who hit me would be a decent human…but alas, the world has reminded me not to have faith in people at all.

Oddly enough, I feel super calm. Usually, I tend to get very irate with bad drivers, for example if they cut me off or are on their phone, etc. I don’t tailgate or anything aggressive like that, I mean I used to, but then I saw on the news that someone shot someone else over it, and decided…umm not worth it. But, I do tend to get angry and think about it until I reach my destination, but I just feel really, really calm right now.

This was my first accident, but there was a time someone threw their coffee on my windshield and cut in front of me. Basically, we were on the highway, and this person was next to me, they threw their drink onto my car, making sure it hit my windshield, then cut in front of me, and braked really hard. It felt like I was in slow motion when it happened, and immediately I put on my windshield wipers and was able to see them suddenly brake. I think it was an insurance scam, they were trying to get me to rear end them, so it would technically be my fault. Anyway, all that happened was someone wasted their coffee, and my car at that time was tan, so it blended in perfectly. All I remember thinking was “wow…they wasted their $4 coffee, but I still have my latte. I win”. When I told people what happened, they were surprised I wasn’t angry. But I just remember thinking how sad or angry someone has to be to be that aggressive.

I’m definitely someone who has been working on a positive mindset, and in general, I am a very optimistic person. But, work environments and just real life situations have shaken my optimism a tad and I have definitely lost faith in the general public. I think I’m calm after the accident because…I mean what am I supposed to do? Is being angry at someone I can’t even contact going to help anything or just make me miserable? The car that hit me was already banged up, it looked like this person doesn’t care one bit, and most likely had no insurance. I’m annoyed that I have to fork out money to fix this, but I’m also grateful that I wasn’t hurt and my car is running and okay.

I guess it’s my life mantra of ‘going with the flow’, that just keeps me calm and I react with “well, that’s just life”. I’m not perfect of course, I do believe in karma and if you do something bad to someone, karma will be out to get you, so good luck to the person that did the hit and run 😇 #petty

I just wanted to share what happened because….hey monumental moment, first accident 😭 Let me know if you have any stories you would like to share or if you have anything you need to get off your chest, I know we all have interesting driving/car stories!

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