Getting Ready For Vacation

Hello everyone,

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A, still figuring out how to manage the 8-5 life with social media and blogging. But, I will have so much time to schedule posts in the next few days because I’m going on vacation! I’m so excited and can’t wait.

My boyfriend and I are going to Orlando and this will be my first time at Universal! I am a Harry Potter nut, so we’ll probably spend majority of the time exploring that side of the park. We’ll also be checking out the Clearwater beach area, so if you have any suggestions of places to go, please let me know.

I wanted to really feel “ready” for vacation, so I decided to splurge and got a pedicure and manicure. I haven’t gotten a pedicure in maybe 3 years…don’t judge. There’s just something about doing your nails, whether you do it your self or go to a salon, that just makes you feel “ready”…or maybe that’s just me, idk.

I’ve packed almost everything, just skincare/makeup items that need to be packed right before.

There’s only one thing that gives me anxiety and that is: TSA. They terrify me! I’ve only flown twice, which was for my Miami trip, which you can check out here. I haven’t had any bad experiences with TSA or anything, they just make me nervous. I’m afraid of them dumping my bag out or throwing out items, or getting searched etc. Anyone else have a fear of TSA or am I just crazy?

Super excited to be posting fun spots and outfits on vacation! Definitely follow me on Tiktok and Instagram where I’ll be posting most of my vacation content! Let me know if you guys have been to Orlando and what your favorite spot was! If you’ve been to Harry Potter world, let me know what I should keep an eye out for or any food recommendations!

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  1. The vibes leading up to a vacation are always immaculate, I hope you have fun at Orlando!!

    My family and I went to Orlando back in 2015 and I loved it – it was the highlight of our trip to the US for me. I actually got over my fear of roller coasters because I couldn’t bear the idea of missing even a single ride in the Harry Potter section and now I love roller coasters and all things adrenaline related, so Universal definitely has a soft spot reserved for it in my heart, haha!

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