Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream – Review

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my experience with the super popular Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. I got this trial sized one from Sephora as my birthday gift. I’ve always wanted to try Tatcha, but it’s just too pricey. The full sized version of this is $69, and the trial sized I got sells for $20 at Sephora.

My thoughts on this product is…I am in love. I honestly didn’t want to be! I went in thinking it wasn’t going to be all that, just thought it may be overhyped because it’s expensive…nope, it’s actually super good.

On the photo below, you can see this is meant for dry skin, but it did so well on my oily skin. It was moisturizing and like the name, gave a nice, healthy dewy glow. It wasn’t overly oily or anything. It made my skin so soft too!

The main ingredient they advertise the most with this is the Japanese purple rice. This ingredient is a super antioxidant and helps skin recover from UV, pollution, etc. It has other great ingredients that help replenish ceramides to make skin look healthier.

The product felt thick, but went on smoothly. It didn’t pill or have any adverse effects when added on top of niacinamide or azelaic acid (my two current skin favs). I also applied sunscreen over it a few times and it mixed well together.

Ughh, so annoyed that my skin loves this…hello skin, we need to be on a budget…but yes, I am considering purchasing the full tub of it…😅

One thing about this brand that I found interesting was that it seems to advertise as a Japanese brand. But, it’s actually an American brand inspired by Japanese ingredients. The packaging is gorgeous, and I would always stop and look at it in Sephora, but the prices made me walk away…lol.

Overall, this dewy cream is perfect for me. I really liked using it as a night cream, it sealed my products in well and my skin was still soft in the morning.

Let me know your thoughts about Tatcha products or if you have a moisturizer you absolutely love!

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