Good Molecules: Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches

Hello everyone!

I’ve been getting super into skincare more than makeup lately, and been loving learning about skincare ingredients. I’ve never tried the Good Molecules brand and never really heard of them. But, when I saw these Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches, I had to try them. I’ve been seeing caffeine associated with so many eye products! I learned that caffeine applied topically helps boost circulation and will reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. No wonder it’s been a staple ingredient, but I feel like lately there’s been a trend of products with caffeine. I’ve seen it more with The Inkey List’s Caffeine Eye Cream popping up everywhere.

Anyway, the Good Molecules Eye Patches has 1% caffeine, licorice extract, and aloe vera as its main ingredients. I explained what caffeine does in laymen’s terms, lets look at the other two. Please note: I am not a professional, just someone who has time to research ingredients and my reviews are all based on my personal experience. Always be sure to do your own research to see if a product is right for you.

Licorice extract can help lighten dark spots and calm inflammation. It also is a strong antioxidant and helps prevent premature aging. Aloe vera can help lighten dark circles and will moisturize and minimize fine lines.

This product is $18.00 at Sephora and has 30 pairs of hydrogel patches. So about $1.60 per pair which is pretty good. There are some under eye patches that come as just one pair for $5, so the monetary value is definitely better.

It comes with a little clear “spoon”, sorry not sure what this tool is called. I used it to pick out the patches easier, because they’re all soaked in product together and it’s sometimes hard to separate.

The directions say to leave these on for 10 minutes, but I tend to forget and leave them on for 20 minutes, and I have to say…the difference is noticeable. I naturally have dark circles from genetics and these give them a temporary lightened look. I notice the difference more on my eye bags. I prefer using these in the morning before work, so I have a nice base. In the photo below, I hope you can tell how much more awake and open my eyes look.

My only complaint is that they are so soaked and heavy with product in the container, that when you try to pull one out, they tend to be very fragile and rip. All of the ones I’ve used have been a little torn, no matter how gentle I am. They are still usable but the ripped area may not stick to the skin as well.

I think it does a great job, but wish I didn’t have to worry about it ripping and losing one. But overall, I highly recommend this! It’s not a permanent fix or a serum that might give permanent results. It’s a nice temporary fix for dark under eyes or puffy under eyes. I like keeping them cold in the fridge and then applying them, since I prefer to use them in the morning. I don’t think the cold affects how they work, just gives a more refreshing feel on the skin.

I want to test a few more undereye patches and let you guys know which is my ultimate fav, but so far, these ones were one of the few that actually showed a great result.

Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what your favorite under eye patch is!

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