Cute Nails are a Form of Self-Care

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well! Lately, I’ve really gotten into getting my nails done. I know it’s such a normal thing, but I really wasn’t into it before and somehow, it’s become part of my “self care/feel like a bougie bish” routine. 

I know it is materialistic, but it makes me feel nice when I get them done by a professional. I think it’s because I wasn’t able to afford it on the regular back in the day and now I can, so I just feel super appreciative every time I get them done. I also adore my nail salon, so I get to interact with nice people and get a gorgeous product that tends to last for over a month. Worth it, in my opinion.

Cute nails are a form of self care (if it makes you happy)!

Though I get them done, I am basic with what I do. I either do regular polish, basic gel, and recently, I got into SNS nails. Those are the ones that are dipped in powder. Right now, I’m on my second set of SNS nails and my nails are so much more protected and grow nice and long. I haven’t used an acrylics yet, but I want to try them one day!

My favorite look was the one design I ever asked for, and went out of my neutrals/safe colors to a…wait for it…dark brown…I’m trying out here. Yes, the design was only on two fingers, but I loved it!

What’s something you classify as self care because it makes you feel nice?

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