Thoughts on Overpriced La Mer Products

Hello everyone,

Recently, I’ve been crazy obsessed with skincare ingredients and learning more about certain brands. I was binging the Youtuber/Medical Esthetician, Cassandra Bankson. From her reviews and comments, I started researching more ingredients in skincare and learned about the crazy world of La Mer products.


Before her videos, I already knew the name La Mer from maybe Instagram or Sephora ads. It sounds so fancy, so French, and boyyy is it expensive! Below are some screenshots from their website for one of their most popular products, Crème de la Mer.

$95.00 for 0.5 oz…..that’s insane! You do not need to pay that much for a good skincare product, there are so many products on the market that work and are less expensive. If this is out of your price range, but you see celebs using it and thinking you should splurge on it, don’t. A lot of celebs get this for free and they can also afford facials, other expensive products, and procedures that most likely contribute to how their skin look, it’s not just one magical product. But, if you have the money and feel like being a little boujee, go for it. Just don’t go into debt for it.

Can you imagine spending $2545, (not including tax), for a skin care product?!?! I’m not the most frugal person and do purchase items on a whim, but even if I had this type of money to splurge, I still wouldn’t.


One of the products most compared to La Mer’s Crème de la Mer is Nivea Crème. For a 13.5 oz., it’s about $7 at Target…do with that what you will. The reason these products are comparable is because of their ingredients. I won’t delve too much into this, so if you want a thorough ingredient review, check out this video:

La Mer has this ingredient they use called ‘miracle broth’. Below is what they describe their ‘miracle broth’ as.

The brand was originally created by a physicist, Dr. Max Huber. He had suffered from burns and wanted to create something to heal it. He realized that algae had some kind of healing capability and did his research based on that. Long story short, he made this “miracle broth”, which includes music being played to the product.

The interesting thing is that apparently, each La Mer cream uses a bit of the original broth. Basically, each batch has drops of the batch that came before it, linking them all to the original batch. You can check out the story on La Mer’s actual website here.

My Thoughts:

I’ve never tried this product, not even a sample, so this is not a review. I’ve been trying to find brands I want to support, and this just isn’t one of them. Personally, it seems ridiculous to charge people this much for skincare, but we all have options and no one is forcing anyone to purchase anything, so the decision is up to each of us. I just don’t believe that you need to have expensive products for nice skin.

If you’ve watched any of my Youtube videos, followed me on Instagram, etc., you would see I absolutely love The Ordinary, Good Molecules, etc. They completely changed my skin for the better! And those are so inexpensive, especially compared to La Mer. I also think it’s super disingenuous that celebrities get to go on brand Youtube channels, like Vogue, and not disclose that the product was gifted to them.

People could be watching those videos and be like “oh, she swore this helped her skin, I’ll buy it”, but in reality, there are so many other factors to it. But, to each their own. It’s not the price range I personally would ever want to enter for skincare.

If you have tried this, let me know! Do you think it’s worth the price?

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