A Lil Depresso Expresso

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well!

I’m so sorry for being m.i.a. on here, but life just takes a lot of time. This week I’ve been feeling quite stressed out, but doing better today!

I started off with a sty on my eye. It took about five days, but it’s mostly gone now! If you ever have one, I applied a turmeric paste on it for about 2-3 hours a day and a warm compress before sleeping. It mostly looked like my lower lash line area had a bump, but it didn’t come to the top as most other styes do, and I think that’s because I treated it every night. But, because I work with the public, it did ding my confidence a little because well…it’s not cute. 😅

The main reason for my stress is that my apartment rent has increased about $250 more than what I’m paying. It doesn’t start until September, but I just don’t see the point in staying there for that price. I don’t have a washer/dryer and they don’t offer any laundry facilities. I basically drive 45 minutes back and forth to my brother’s place to do laundry. Also, this is more of an aesthetic issue, but my current apartment is wall to wall carpeting. If I’m paying a ton a month, I want some wood/fake wood floors. Basically, I just don’t think that the apartment is worth what they want for it, so I will have to move.

I am stressed thinking about moving, but I’m trying to stay more positive. This does mean some new decorating content and I can switch up my vibe, which will be fun. It’s really the financial aspect that makes me nervous, but it’ll be fine…well, at least that’s what I’ll tell myself.

I’ll update you guys, but that’s kind of what’s going on right now. Let me know how your week/life is going! Or if you have any apartment hunting stories!

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