Life Update – Getting Ready to Move/Social Media Consistency

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well!

I wanted to give a little life update and hopefully it helps you guys get to know me a little better too!

Basically, if you didn’t read my depresso expresso post, I have to move out of my apartment I’ve been in for a little over 4 years. I mean, I don’t have to, but they went up on the rent and now it’s really not worth living there if I can go somewhere else with more amenities. Please don’t judge me on that post, I was feeling stressed and needed a way to express it, which is why I love blogging. But, I’m doing much better and back to my optimistic self.

Basically, I did an online apartment hunt and only found two I liked for their prices, amenities, and based on their reviews. Definitely check out the reviews for apartments and be sure you’re seeing the newest first. It definitely saved me a lot of headaches.

So, I made appointments to see my two choices in the same day and I fell in love with one of them. When I asked the agent if they had the floor I wanted, the finishes I wanted, and other specific preferences I had, she had it all in one apartment, which wait for it…was actually less expensive than the one she was going to offer me! Always ask questions people, it never hurts and might work out in your favor!

So this one was perfect, but I still wanted to see what the other choice was like and if it matched this one. It was a no. The prices they offered online were vastly different than what the agent was showing me. It was $300 more for 200 sq. ft less than the other apartment I liked.

So, I immediately went home and put in an application for the one that had what I wanted and guess what?! Got approved! I actually have a story for another blog post about how being nice actually paid off for me, because let’s just say I don’t particularly qualify for these apartments, but being kind helped me out, so stay tuned for that one.

But, I’m so excited! I’m ready for a change! This apartment will be bigger, nicer, and in a more up and coming area. Currently, I live in a more rural area, with not too many unique restaurants or anything, and more older folks live out here. The best part is the grocery store near the new apartment has a bar inside…I mean, that wasn’t why I choose the apartment, but it definitely influenced the decision…jk…πŸ˜…

Another update is that I’ve decided to attempt to post regularly on Youtube on Wednesdays, starting this week. You can check out my channel here (please subscribe, I would super appreciate it 😊).

I’m trying to be more consistent on my Youtube, because I just love making videos so much and want to build a group of people who are into the same things and create a community. Kind of like my blog as well, which I’m going to try to do a Tues/Thurs schedule. I feel like having a schedule will keep me more motivated to meet my personal “deadlines”.

I love posting blogs and videos, but I need to have some sort of organization and just know, ‘oh it’s Thursday, I should have a post on my blog’, you know? I’m really trying to be more consistent, if you have any tips that work for you, please share them.

That’s what’s going on in my life right now! Let me know if you’re doing apartment hunting or trying to maintain a strict social media schedule! Hope you guys enjoyed!

2 thoughts on “Life Update – Getting Ready to Move/Social Media Consistency

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  1. Best wishes for new house and your YT!
    I will make sure to visit it( the channel I meant). πŸ˜…
    I guess I can learn a lot from your work as you post things that suits my niche.


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