Durham Trip – My First Comedy Show

Hello everyone!

I went to my first comedy show this past weekend! It was a great experience and I wanted to share the trip with you guys!

The show was in Durham, NC and the comedian was Nimesh Patel. I’m sure you may have seen him if you have a Tiktok, but if not, you should definitely look him up. I think social media has definitely assisted in spreading his popularity, but he’s still a small comedian, who is quickly gaining more and more fans.

His show was hilarious and we got lucky that we caught him while he’s still growing because he was able to give us his autograph and we got a photo! It was so cool and he’s the first comedian/famous person I’ve taken a photo or gotten an autograph with!

Besides, the comedy show, we did check out a little bit of Durham.

We went to an Irish themed pub called Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub. It was amazing! It was the first restaurant I’ve been to that was fully able to take orders from our phone. We were able to open a tab on our phone and order as we went. It was pretty cool and seems like the way of the future. We still had a waiter check on us, but they never had to ask what we wanted to order because it automatically went to the kitchen.

They had a great variety of more bar food and the decor was really cool!

We also went to Boxcar Bar and Arcade. It was really fun, I’ve never been to a Boxcar before. It had drinks, different casual foods like pizza, and tons and tons of arcade games. Super fun, I think my favorite arcade game to play is the basketball one. It was super busy though, as one would expect on a Saturday night. Basketball and air hockey were the most hogged games of course.

Before we left in the morning, we decided to go grab breakfast at Beyu Caffé. It was right in downtown, with a nice view. I decided to get a veggie omelet with grits and it was absolutely delicious. Love their music choices as well, a mixture of old and new pop/r&b songs.

Overall, we had a great time in Durham, even if it was a short one! Have you guys ever visited Durham or NC in general?

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