I Moved!

Hello everyone!

I moved to a different apartment a little over a week ago and I’m just elated and happy for my younger self. My old apartment and new apartment are only 15 minutes away from each other, but the new one is so much nicer. Is it the most luxurious apartment? No. But, it’s gorgeous and luxury to me and that’s all that matters.

We all have different ideas of what a “nice apartment” is, and sometimes I feel like my idea is the bare minimum lol. My previous apartment was my first apartment by myself and I didn’t know too much about what I needed or what requirements I should have. Mostly, I just wanted a roof over my head and low rent costs.

Well, I got what I wanted. It was a decent apartment, but with no laundry facilities, the dishwasher didn’t work, and there was really nothing to do in the area. I had to drive into the city almost every weekend to do anything. But, I was super happy and stayed there for 5 years.

When I was looking for this new apartment, I made a list of what I wanted, here’s a few of my requirements: wood floors, white cabinets, lots of sun, safe, and quiet neighbors. My main item I wanted was a washer/dryer in the apartment or a laundry room. Guess what? I kind of got all of that! The wood floors are just in the bathroom and kitchen, but I’ll take it. And my neighbors are quiet, but also hotbox in the bathroom under mine…but nothing a little apple pie concentrated room spray can’t fix…šŸ˜…

But, overall it was what I wanted and I’m super happy for this new beginning. If you had told my younger self she would be moving into the city, with a cat, and be able to afford a couch by herself…she would be shocked. This one’s for you young Amanda. Lol..we get sentimental on here.

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