Wayfair – Velvet, Sleeper-Sofa with Chaise

It’s been a while friends! I was busy with moving and trying to get things together that blogging had to take a back seat. But, I’m in a good spot now to give some reviews!

First up, is my new couch! I am in love with this couch! My old couch was from Ikea and it was very small and narrow. It was too firm and most people couldn’t sit with their knees at a normal angle. It was definitely made for short people..a.k.a. me. But that was my “first apartment” couch, and usually the first apartment couch is the bare minimum.

This is my second apartment and I wanted something a little nicer. I wanted it to be soft, comfy for guests, and give off a little luxury vibe.

I ended up purchasing this sleeper sofa from Wayfair.. It’s beige and the material is velvet. It comes with a chaise, that also doubles as storage. As per the name, it also has a pull-out bed. It was pretty expensive, but the quality and storage space makes it worth it!

This shipped in three packages, and they arrived at different times. I needed my brother and boyfriend to help put this together, there was absolutely no way I could move all the pieces on my own. I think the delivery people would be able to take it up the stairs for you, but I had to get it delivered somewhere else and then bring it to my apartment, so I wasn’t able to get their help.

I love the color, it goes with everything and I can switch up the pillows for each season. Right now, I’m aiming for boho pillows. Slowly, but surely coming together!

What do you guys think? Let me know if you have any questions!


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