Glamnetic Press-On Nails Review: Almond French Tips

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my new obsession with you guys: press-on nails.

I have fully converted to press-on nails for the designs, the affordability, and the fact that they don’t damage my real nails. Earlier this year, I was into SNS nails and gel nails, check out a post I did about them here.

I kept getting my nails done, without giving them any breathing time. Eventually, I realized that my nails were much weaker than they ever had been and decided to stop doing any nail treatments. The outer look of them was fine, but once the nails grew past my finger, they bent very easily. For example, just typing at work would bend them and it just feels awful. So, I decided to keep them short until they got healthy.

But, I wanted to have cute nails for work, so I decided to try press-on nails and haven’t looked back. I got these Glamnetic nails from Amazon. They are medium-length and almond shaped, with a thin French manicure. I love the thin French manicure nails! What are your French nail preferences? I also have been loving the trend of different french tip colors!

The nail glue, file, and stick are all included. This was $14.99 and there are a ton of options to get from the seller on Amazon.

These are reusable and are supposed to last for about three weeks each time. But even if a nail comes off, I’ll just glue it back on. Another pro of press-on nails.

I also like that now I can keep my nails short and just wear long press on nails. My real nails would get little cuts on the side and would keep getting caught on my hair and little things, so it’s great having a non-damaging alternative.

I am still a newbie and got airbubbles on my thumb on this one, but the rest of them came out great!

I think trying to remove them might be damaging, like if you use a lot of acetone, but I had great luck with other nails just coming off after soaking in warm water.

What do you guys think of press on nails? Are you a fan or not really into it?


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