Happy 2023!

Happy 2023! Hope everyone had a great start to the new year! I had a nice and relaxing New Year’s. Loved watching all the New Year performances…btw anyone watch Miley’s New Year’s show? 👀 I thought it was really fun, and was switching between that show, the CNN show with Anderson and Andy, and Dick Clarke’s New Year’s eve. I think the CNN one was funny commentary, but Miley’s was more of the vibe I was looking for.

2022 honestly felt so long to me, three major life changes happened.

  • I quit my toxic job and ended up at an office where everyone is super friendly and my bosses have my back.
  • I moved out from an apartment I was at for about four years and moved into an apartment more in the city. This decision…I’m still debating if I’m happy I made it, but I do love the layout of my new apartment a lot more than the previous one and the location is great.
  • An old friend came back into my life. I’m not really someone who has a lot of close friends, and had a falling out with a friend a few years ago. This year, she hit me back up and we made up and have been hanging out. It’s been great, and I’m super grateful she hit me up.

There have been a few other fun things that happened this year, like going to Universal and experiencing Harry Potter World for the first time.

All the food I’ve eaten:

I’m excited for the 2023! One goal I have is to grow my Youtube, so please subscribe if you like makeup, skincare, beauty, fashion, etc.

Thank you guys so much and Happy New Year!


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