Korean Beauty – Beauty of Joseon First Impressions

I’m slowly learning more about Korean skincare and now have three items from Beauty of Joseon, the brand I’ve seen people raving about. I’ve been testing the sunscreen since November and will be sharing a full review and Youtube video on it (subscribe to my Youtube channel, please and thank you). The other two items were given to me as presents for Christmas, (mostly because I sent the links to my mom lol).

Dynasty Cream

My first impressions of the Dynasty cream is that it isn’t as moisturizing as I thought it would be. My face looks hydrated, but has a tight, dry feel to it and is also tacky to the touch. I think with a damp face, it works pretty well though. I’m going to try it a few other ways and also see how it affects makeup.

The eye cream is moisturizing, but haven’t really noticed any changes or lasting effects as of yet. Stay tuned for a more thorough review of these two products.

Revive Eye Serum Ginseng + Retinal

I definitely need to use them for a longer period of time. I saw a dermatologist say you need a minimum of 4 weeks of using a product to really judge how it works, sometimes longer.

But, I hoped you guys enjoyed those first impressions and let me know if you’ve tried any products from Beauty of Joseon!


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  1. I haven’t but my sister tried the eye serum and really likes it. I heard it takes a while to notice a difference so maybe you’ll see a difference after using it longterm. Great review!

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