Dry Shampoo Powder Review: Primally Pure (dark hair)

Why I Stopped Using Aerosol Dry Shampoos: 

If you’re into the beauty or hair community, you may have heard about the aerosol dry shampoos containing high levels of benzene. Benzene can cause cancer and apparently, brands associated with Unilever, such as Dove, Tresemme, TiGi, Suave and others, have an extremely high amount in their products. To read more about it, check out this announcement by the FDA

I stopped using aerosol dry shampoos because I saw a TikTok about it causing hair loss, tested not using it, and was shooketh. Below is my TikTok talking about it. If you prefer reading,  you can check out my post about it here.


I’m honestly shook and mourning the loss of all my strands 🥲 #batiste #batistedryshampoo #hairloss #finehair #dryshampoo

♬ original sound – AmandaSushma

I knew I needed to find a dry shampoo replacement and saw that the powder dry shampoos were safer to use, especially natural ones. Some people do make their own dry shampoo with cocoa powder, corn starch, and other combinations. I was not about to be make that concoction because I knew I would make horrible mess, so I started researching for a natural dry shampoo. 

Primally Pure Natural Dry Shampoo Review

That’s when I found the Primally Pure Natural Dry Shampoo for Dark Locks. I’ve been using this since mid September of 2022 up to now. 

It is $16 for 1 oz., which yes seems expensive, but this is a smaller company and the powder will last you quite a while. This has lasted me way longer than any aerosol dry shampoo has. I would say worth the price. They also have a 2 oz. option for $28. 

It’s a gritty, light brown texture. They suggest applying it before you sleep for better absorption. Personally, I always forget that option and apply it in the morning. I shake a bit on each side of my part and in the back as well. 

I don’t apply any product on my actual part because the cocoa can temporarily stain your part. It will show up if it touches the scalp as a dark brown tinge. Super easy to blend out on the spot, but just to avoid that, I put some powder on my fingers and get near the part, so none of it touched my scalp in that area. 

Below is a before and after of what it can do. Left is with the powder, right is without the powder.

I think this is a decent alternative. I’m not going to lie to you guys, the Batiste Dry Shampoo aerosol spray was my favorite of all time. I’ve tried another dry shampoo powder, and it seems like the powders can’t compare to the oil control the aerosol cans give. But, Batiste was making my hair fall out in an alarming way. After completely not using it, my hair is shedding in a normal way, not an excessive amount. 

So yes, the aerosol cans dry shampoos perform way better, I used to go a week or so without need to wash my hair. But, the ingredients and what you’re breathing in is not worth the risk.

I do want to try more dry shampoo powders, but overall, I am enjoying this one by Primally Pure. They have one for light hair colors as well, that doesn’t have as much cocoa as this one. I am really happy to support a small business and their packaging and product are quality, so I don’t mind spending a bit more. Plus, I first started using this in September of 2022 and still have a ton left. 10/10 would recommend! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! Let me know your dry shampoo thoughts! 


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