Weekend Shopping Haul

Hello everyone! This weekend I did a little shopping at a thrift store, Five Below, and Books-A-Million. It isn’t a lot of items, but I’m happy with what I got!

Thrift Store:

I found this super nice quality fine china vase/pitcher item. It feels and looks so well made, and was only $5! It’s really calming to see and I have a Japanese inspired dining area going on, so this was perfect.

Five Below:

This is a multi-level back stretcher. It’s okay, it can arch your back at different heights to help stretch it out. I sit at a desk for work and don’t really get to move around too much, and I’m hoping to incorporate this after doing my at home Pilates exercises. It’s only $5, so it’s nothing like those fancy rollers, but the high arch does help my back feel slightly better.

I got this sage and incense kit. I need some good vibes in my apartment. Like I love how the apartment looks, but my neighbor is constantly smoking weed and it’s driving me nuts, so I thought I could sage my apartment and combat the marijuana with incense and get the bad vibes out a.k.a pray my neighbor away ☠️


I was on a mission to find a 2023 Planner with a spiral. I found this one and it even came with stickers! Love it!

I also wanted to read more this year and already got two books. Once I’m done, I’ll share them with you guys, but I wanted a cute book mark. Came across this Pokémon bookmark with six book mark tabs, and had to get it. So cute!

And that’s my little shopping haul! Let me know your favorite item ☺️


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