Home Decor Idea: Hanging Plant in Living Room

Hello everyone!

I’m slowly getting my apartment to be more homely, and this was the newest installation. My boyfriend helped me set up this hanging plant. I’ve had this plant for about two years and I’m so happy to see it hanging back up! Plants not only help our environment with air pollutants, but I feel like seeing greenery raises our moods. Makes it feel more at home, even though it’s from the outside.

I’ve linked the hooks on my Amazon Storefront, which you can check out here. In my old apartment, I used the type of plant hook that hooks in at the ceiling. But that was just too much to repair, I had to buy a little ceiling repair kit to fix it, so I didn’t get charged for it at move-out. This time I wanted it to be simple and saw these easy to install wall plant hooks from Amazon.

You just need a drill and you can screw them into the wall. They come with the screws, anchors, and two hooks. I purchased black, but they also have white.

Overall, I’m super happy with my purchase and think these look great!


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