How I Get Out of the “Meh” Funk

Last week, I was so inspired to do all the social media posts, Youtube videos, and blogs, and now I’m just wiped. It’s always a burst of inspiration and energy and then feeling kinda…meh, at least for me.

To get my self out of the “meh” funk, I have some different things I like to do. For this one, I decided to watch one of my favorite K dramas, Oh My Venus. Rewatching it, I realized it was pretty fat-phobic, I feel like Bollywood movies are also similar. It’s about a woman whose trying to lose weight and she’s doing it for herself and no one pressured her to, but the comments the characters make, even the male lead are just not it. Even with that, I do find the rom-com moments super cute and it has good family and romance drama. Also, the female leads skin is just 😍

I also listened to what I think of as good, vibey music. Most of the songs I like are prior to 2005, don’t judge me, but I have been vibing with Madonna’s new Back That Up to the Beat. I think it got leaked or it was unreleased and got super popular on Tiktok. Fun fact, Spotify had the Tiktok fast and slow versions, so I downloaded them. After it got super popular, they were removed from Spotify and Madonna had both up on her official page. I feel like that had to be some sort of PR move. Like, let’s pretend your song got leaked or tease it and make a slow and fast version, get people obsessed and thinking it’s a newer artist or indie artist, and then surprise, it’s Madonna. I don’t know…definitely skeptical about it, but good song.

Last thing I like to do, is catch up on what’s messy in the beauty world. I binged a ton of videos on the Morphe and Jaclyn Hill bankruptcy going on right now. Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics had to file for bankruptcy and then Jaclyn went to Twitter and talked about how she was being judged by people and said “goodbye twitter”. I mean…if you don’t really know the controversies she’s been in on the past, you might have some sympathy for her. Yes, it sucks that the company is tanking, but as one of the millions whose seen what’s gone down in the last ten years with Jaclyn, she’ll probably be back in about six months to announce a new launch and say something along the lines of “this has been in the works for 5 years”…yeah, my opinion on this might be on another post…πŸ˜…

Anyway, I find videos about controversies about beauty companies or influencers that I know of really interesting, and only like saving them for my β€œmeh” days. A little treat for myself.

Those are ways I entertain myself and get out of the “meh” funk. Let me know your thoughts or anything you like to do! Or if you want to talk about Morphe, I’m all ears πŸ‘€


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  1. I don’t feel bad for Jaclyn after some of the stuff she’s done. Like it’s hard to feel sympathy. And I’m not surprised about Morphe to be honest lol. I feel like a number of Kdramas I’ve seen are a bit fatphobic which is annoying but I think in Asian countries there is so much pressure to be extremely skinny.


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