Lost my Love of Beauty Products

Hello everyone!

I know, I’ve been missing for a while. Let’s catch up!

Last month, I went on a beautiful trip to Colorado! I’ll do a separate post on it, but my boyfriend and I went to Denver and Aspen. Aspen is the most beautiful place…stay tuned for that travel post. So that trip and preparing for it had me m.i.a.

But I’ve mostly been missing because I’ve lost my love for testing new beauty products. I found products that work for me and I’m not really in the mood to try others or purchase more when I still have some left. You can check out my last post on the overconsumption of beauty products to see more of where my head is at.

Something changed in me where trying out the newest foundations or skincare just isn’t fun anymore. It’s more tedious and I don’t want posting content to seem tedious. I already have a full-time job that’s tedious, my hobby needs to be fun.

So, I’ve decided to start a podcast. It’s about weeb stuff, anime, webtoons, and weird phenomena, like ghosts or the Mandela effect. Once I officially launch, I will let you guys know, but this is definitely a huge pivot from beauty and skincare.

I will still share some products I really like, but I think this podcast will be way more fun for me because I can talk about my interests that I never really have been able to talk about. It’s mostly going to be me hosting and I’m someone that can talk to myself forever, so solo hosting will be fun, but I’ll have a few guests as well. Who knows, maybe one of you 👀

That’s all for now!


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