How I Get Out of the “Meh” Funk

Last week, I was so inspired to do all the social media posts, Youtube videos, and blogs, and now I'm just wiped. It's always a burst of inspiration and energy and then feeling kinda...meh, at least for me. To get my self out of the "meh" funk, I have some different things I like to... Continue Reading →

Myers Briggs Personality Type – INFP – T

Hello everyone! I took this Myers-Briggs personality type test months ago and have been obsessed and researching about it since then. I took it on the website,, not sponsored or anything. It's free to take, I think you may just need to provide an email. If you take it, let me know if your... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Okay, I'm not a Monday person, but fake it till you make it, right? 😅 In Charlotte, it was a rainy Monday, great for sleeping, not so great when I need to stay awake to work. 🌧 If anyone remembers my post about my boss, I'm still at the same... Continue Reading →

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