Small Apartment Dining Set

Hello everyone, Today, I wanted to share some new furniture pieces I purchased. When I first moved into my apartment, I was on that "fresh out of school" budget, so a lot of my items are more on the lower quality side and don't currently fit in with my vibe now. I had this small,... Continue Reading →

Cute Mouse and Mousepad

Hello everyone! I've been trying to create a nice desk area for myself at home, and I wanted the vibe to be cute, but keep the items minimal. So far, these are two of my favorite products I've purchased. The first one is a wireless mouse. I don't own a desktop, I just work on... Continue Reading →

Faux Suede Cap

Hello everyone! Recently, I've been really into the hats, specifically baseball caps. I really like the suede and leather looking ones, so I thought that I would try them out. I purchased a fake suede cap from Amazon and I absolutely love it! It's from the store Funky Junque and I paid $14.03 for it. I really like... Continue Reading →

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