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Sorry Ladies, One Gray Hair and Your Life is Over.

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to talk about the double-standards of aging between men and women. When men start aging, going gray, having some wrinkles, they are seen by society as distinguished, independent, wise, ‘silver foxes’, and handsome. When it’s an older women, she is seen more as dependent, unproductive, unhealthy, and should be taking better care of herself. God forbid a woman has a gray hair, she either has to pluck it or dye it. Ironically, older women tend to live longer than men, so many women are not unhealthy. 

Don’t worry, I know most people don’t tend to think like this. But, media portrayals through various mediums like magazines and television, are rampant with ageism between the sexes.

For example, Miriam O’Reilly, an Irish TV host, sued BBC for age discrimination in 2010. At that time she was 51. She used to be one of the presenters for their show CountryFile, until they dropped her for younger presenters. They replaced her with younger presenters, but kept John Craven, who had been on the show since it began about 20 years before the lawsuit, who was 68 at the time. Sure, he had been with the BBC for a long time, but O’Reilly had also contributed to the BBC for about 20 years. The BBC told her that they wanted a new presenter to appeal to youth.

O’Reilly experienced comments such as “time for Botox” and “careful with those wrinkles when high definition comes in”. O’Reilly won her case. The BBC apologized and still wanted to work with her because she had been with them for so long.

O’Reilly stated that “The idea that wrinkles or grey hair can sound the death knell for the careers of female TV presenters is beyond appalling, especially in a country where over a third of the population is aged 50 and over.” Truth. I got my information for this case from the BBC’s article about it and the agedicrimination.info website.

A more familiar example might be the hate that Hillary Clinton faced during the election. Whether or not you like her or not, you can’t deny that many people were put off by her age and the fact that she was a woman. She’s 69 and Donald Trump is only a year older, yet he stated “Well, I just don’t think she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look” and states that he thinks she lacks stamina.

Older women have mainly been represented as the “grandmother and cookies” generalization. Strong, smart, and leaders are not words that people, or at least any form of media has associated with older women. Those adjectives are used with men.

I’m not saying that it’s not true that older men are smart and independent, but why can’t it be true for women also? Why does it only have to be men who are aging nicely and not women?

This post was prompted by the Daily Prompt: Gray

Feel free to leave any comments and questions!



Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I skipped all of my classes and did absolutely nothing. Why? Because I just didn’t want to go. But don’t worry, I’ve only missed like two classes the entire semester, not a chronic skipper.

But I realized that I graduate in almost a month and started panicking. No job set up, still have to pass current classes, and I have no idea what I want to do.

All I could think is TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

When I woke up today, I took a breathe and thought through everything. It’s amazing how we can stress ourselves out so easily. So what if I don’t have a job lined up? There’s no rule that says I need a ‘real job’ out of college. It would be nice, but I can always do part-time jobs, while I look for the right job.

I don’t need to stress out about my classes because I’ve done virtually everything and received decent grades. I realized that I should just enjoy the time I have left, and focus on my graduation day. I want to make it as fun and memorable as it can be.

I guess my point of this post is to remind everyone that we do have time. Don’t stress yourself out like I did, and if you do, take a minute and remember that there’s no ultimatium or rule that you have to follow. Just living in the moment and get what you need to get done at this moment, before worrying months ahead.

Thanks for reading!

via Daily Prompt: Timely

College Safety Doubts

Hello everyone!

I tried doing a post a day, but unfortunately I skipped the last couple days, so I’m going to try again. Today’s topic is Doubt via Daily Prompt.

It made me think about a rape case that’s going on at my school right now. A football player is accused of raping and assaulting a female student, and has been suspended from the football team.

But, when I was about to take my midterm, my professor did a little spiel on cheating and academic dishonesty. It caught my attention because he said that anyone caught cheating will have a high possibility of people expelled and that it happened to two of his students, even when cheating was their first offense.

It made me doubt what the college said about taking the rape case seriously and my safety as a female in general. How can a student who cheated get expelled, yet a student who raped someone is only suspended? That’s messed up in so many ways. It shows the priorities that my school, and I believe many schools have.

Thinking about that makes me feel sad for the girl who was raped and other girls who have been sexually assaulted. I understand that before the school suspends someone for rape, they need to confirm and make sure that the story isn’t made up because some people do lie about it. But this person has had multiple assault charges all at different schools, and I just don’t understand how he is still considered a student. It just makes me sick and feel horrible for the girl who had to go through that traumatic experience because of him.

Sorry that this post was depressing, but it’s just what the topic made me think about. Feel free to leave any comments.

Expecting Unexpectedly

Hello everyone,

Today’s topic came to my mind via Daily Prompt: Baby.

Recently, a friend of mine announced she was pregnant. She’s the first one among my group of friends to have a child. Everyone congratulated her and so did I, but in the back of my mind, I was wondering why. I know, that sounds like a horrible thing to say, but it’s honestly what I wondered.

She has such a bright future, and I know she still does. She’s a hard worker and very smart, even with an unexpected pregnancy, I know she’ll achieve her goals. But, I just felt sad for her because I know it’ll be a hindrance. Am I a horrible person for thinking that?

A lot of people I know who have kids or are pregnant, aren’t married. I know, I know, it’s 2017, who cares if they’re married are not. I’m not coming for a judgmental viewpoint, but a logical one, at least to me it is. I might be putting this in cold, logical terms, but having someone contracted to be with me forever means double financial help to raise this little person. I’m twenty-two and the people with kids I know are all around the same age, or younger. Many of them weren’t in college or stopped going after the pregnancy.

I just…I feel sad for them because they weren’t able to experience things like college, their first apartments, living alone in general, travelling, the freedom to do whatever they want for themselves. It’s like they lived dependent on their parents, still in their parents home and now all of a sudden, a little person is dependent on them.

I have no clue how they handle the financial burden. That’s what scares me the most, I can barely pay my rent, much less a child and all that comes with it. Also, they’re now kind of now stuck with someone for life…a lot of friends were dating their significant others for maybe six months and now they have a kid together. To me that’s absolutely crazy, I know it’s unexpected to them too.

I just wanted to get my thoughts out about unexpected pregnancies. I don’t think less of people who that happens to, but I think that now a chunk of fun and life is gone. I know that babies bring people happiness and love, but it’s just different…I don’t know exactly how to put my thoughts into words. If any of you have any comments, even if it’s to argue my opinions, please share. I would love to have an inkling of what goes through peoples minds when they find out they’re expecting, unexpectedly.

Thank you for reading!

Can’t Talk, Must Run

Hello all,

Today’s topic is Slur, via Daily Prompt: Slur. It made me think about slurring words, but not because I’m intoxicated. Because I am a horrible public speaker.

I know a lot of you can relate to that too. I always feel fine before presenting anything, but as soon as I get up in front of people or even just speaking at my desk, I start to get heart palpitations. It’s the horrible human instinct of fight or flight when you feel all eyes on you, and it sucks.

I looked up a lot of tips to help ease the nervousness, but nothing helps. My words are always too fast, too shaky, slurred, and just overall the entire thing is pretty embarrassing. People say practice makes perfect, but I’ve done speeches my entire academic life, and it hasn’t gotten better.

Sometimes, I just have to accept that I’ll be a bad presenter. I have done better when it was a topic I was interested in, such as Sea World, but on assigned speeches where I have no choice, boy oh boy do I suck.

Let me know if you guys have had the same experience with public speaking, you know wavering voice, shaking body, slurring words, and sweat everywhere…the normal.

Rhythm and Our Moods

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about how music and rhythm (via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic) helps set my mood and day in general. I’m sure that’s true for a lot of you guys too!

Let’s just state the obvious first: upbeat songs tend to put the majority of us in great moods, while slow, melancholy songs put us in sad or sour moods.

I think the lyrics play a part, but for me personally, it’s really all about the beat and rhythm. I listen to a lot of foreign songs and I have no clue what they are saying. I listen to Bollywood songs (mostly in Hindi), Spanish, Japanese, and Korean songs. With the Bollywood and Spanish songs,  I can sometimes get the gist of it all, but more often than not, I have no idea.

It’s not the meaning that makes me like it, it’s the beat. An article from HealthLine states “A 2013 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that people who listened to upbeat music could improve their moods and boost their happiness in just two weeks”.  It’s amazing how music can alter our moods like that. In the study, they found that upbeat music correlated with happier moods, compared to when people listened to sad music.

The correlation is so interesting, but people really never talk about it. I guess it’s because music is so available to us and we don’t need to think about it in those types of terms. If we’re happy, we want happy music. If we’re sad, we want sad music. But have you ever been sad and crying, and when an upbeat song comes on, it tends to take your mind of off everything that’s stressing you out? I’ve had that experienced that a lot, it really is amazing what music can do.

Fields such as music therapy are exploring what music, sound, and rhythm can do for us, and I think that’s amazing. Music can really mold us into what it wants and that’s important.

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to leave any comments!


For All My Awkward People

Hello everyone,

Today I can really relate to the term “hideout” via Daily Prompt: Hideout. I like to think I’m a pretty outgoing person, whose easy to befriend. I noticed that I’m that way with strangers and my close friends. But, my awkward tendencies come out when I’m around people I like or just make me uncomfortable.

Just today, I ran into an old acquaintance who I like and also makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes. So it was double the awkwardness. Boy, oh boy, did I wish I had a hideout available so I could just ran away from the entire situation. It wasn’t even that big of a deal, but you know, we always over analyze our selves.

After that, I didn’t know what to do with myself and ended up walking around my campus for almost an hour, cursing myself for not being more ‘normal’. I’m sure everyone has had moments like that.

It takes us all a bit to get over our socially awkward moments, but eventually we’re able to shrug it off. What helps me is remembering that it’s not the end of the world. Everyone goes through moments they wish they could go back in time and fix, trust me, I would know. But sometimes, we just need to accept that it happened, get over it, and maybe laugh about it….eventually.

I guess what I’m trying to get across is, feel free to want that hideout and crawl into it. But, eventually you need to figure out when to get out because life is going to continuously throw fun, exciting, and yes more cringe-worthy moments to you and need to just accept it. Life is unexpected in that way.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments or questions!

Au Natural or Glitter All Day?

Hello everyone,

I’m aiming to do a post a day, with the help of the  Daily Prompt: Glitter.

When I think of glitter, I think of makeup and beauty. That’s the primary content of my blog. I think it’s interesting how makeup and looks in general are being viewed in today’s world.

Of course, there are so many opinions, I can’t possible talk about all of them. But, I have noticed two polar opposites.

The first are the makeup lovers, such as myself. Nowadays, makeup is so popular. Whether you like it or not, it’s always on your Instagram explore page or featured on some other site. It’s fun and brings out the creativity in people, at least in my opinion. So many different looks are being done today, and it’s just amazing! I love makeup because it brings so many different people together, like any other interest. Men have been able to climb over huge gender stereotypes because of it too.

Of course, there are people who don’t like all of the glitter, glows, and bronzy looks these days. When I browse through comments for pictures that makeup artists and makeup brands put up on their pages, I see a lot of makeup haters out there.

Disclaimer: Not hating on people who don’t like makeup, just commenting on what some say.

I notice a lot of comments such as “Why is she putting so much on her face?”, “Too glittery”, “Who would wear that ever?”, and of course the “Try what I do. Makeup free and natural”. I just wonder, why comment all of that on a makeup page, that’s literally what their about.


Most recent example of some of those comments on a makeup artist’s video on a makeup brand’s page. Why comment when it’s literally their business/job? From LorealMakeup’s Instagram.

I know I seem to be coming off as against the ‘natural’ way of life, but I’m just against telling others off for what they like doing. I totally get the no-makeup people, and understand that they want people to confident in their own skin. But what I just don’t understand is judging others for actually using it. Why can’t you do what you want, and let others live how they want, (and keep rude comments to yourself)? Of course, isn’t that what the internet is known for, telling everyone and everything what to do.

Personally, I love how my face looks like with makeup, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t go makeup free. Without makeup, I still feel confident, but with it, it’s such a boost. So what if people hide their pimples or wear bright blue eyeshadow? How does that affect anyone else?

Also, for people who use makeup for self-confidence, is that so terrible? People take drugs to feel happy, so what if some foundation helps someone get through the day?

This is all my opinion and I’m definitely interested in your opinions, so feel free to leave any comments! Thanks for reading!

How to ‘Live Life to the Fullest’

When I think of blur, via Daily Prompt: Blur, life comes to mind. I know it’s an obvious connection, but it’s so true. Life is such a blur. One day I thought I would be in high school forever living with my parents, and now a minute later, here I am about to graduate college and having to struggle with everything.

People are always saying “live life to the fullest”, but sometimes I think, ‘easy for you to say, you don’t have anything to worry about’. Things like work, money, bills, family, etc., prevent us from doing what we want. Most of the time, I spend my days in school or working, so days just slide by without a second thought, and the next thing I know, it’s the new year. I’m only twenty-two and I already feel like I’m throwing days away.

My goal is to graduate as soon as possible and then get a job. I guess that’s the goal of all college students, huh? But, after getting a job, hopefully I’ll have enough free time to just enjoy life.

I realized a long time ago that you don’t need to spend anything besides time to ‘live life to the fullest’. Today I took a venture out to a local Asian garden and walked around the woods. It was really fun going and doing something I don’t usually do.

Time with friends and family is also a goal of mine. Of course, everyone’s busy, but when you can finally get them together, that’s what life’s about! Whether it’s time to yourself or making time for others, I believe time is the key in allowing yourself to enjoy life to the fullest.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you do to enjoy your life!


“Translate for Me” – Racially Ambigous Problems

Hello everyone!

I wanted to try to blog a lot more, and thought I would try out the Daily Prompts. Today’s prompt is ‘translate’.

It made me think about all of the wonderful languages out there and the fact that I only know one, as you may be able to tell (I hope), English. Though I know how to read and understand a little Spanish, I’m no expert and definitely cannot hold a conversation in it.

Ever have people come up to you and assume you can just speak another language? I do, all the time. See, I’m Indo-Guyanese American, which means technically my race is Indian, but my parents are from Guyana, South America and I was born in the U.S. Basically, I look Indian, but my culture I grew up with is a fusion of South America and the U.S, but I only know English. Though I believe that I look predominately Indian, people tend to associate me with Latin countries and sometimes Middle Eastern, (once I even got Jamaican).

People come up to me all the time and speak to me in another language and I have to do the awkward shrug and say “Sorry, all I speak is English”. It doesn’t bother me that people do that, but I always get that feeling of shame for knowing only one language.

Especially at work, it’s the worst. If there’s a customer who doesn’t know English well, and they’re Hindi, Arabic, or Spanish speakers, coworkers tend to look at me, expecting me to take them off of their hands. Sometimes they even say “Hey, can you translate for me?” Uhhh….no, sorry. Might be brown, but can’t speak another language.

Sometimes it’s frustrating because when people find out I only speak English, they give me a face and ask “why”. I don’t know, my parents barely speak another language, and there wasn’t any point since English is what is spoken where I live. Spanish speakers in particular eye me up and down, and make me feel so ashamed, even though I’m not of any Latino relation.

Being racially ambiguous sometimes can be a pain. I once had a man argue with me that I was lying about speak Spanish. Are you kidding? I wish I could speak another language, because that would be extremely cool. But, right now, I just don’t have too much free time to put in all that studying into something that’s not related to my college work.

But one day, definitely. I did take three years of Spanish (and passed), but it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around all the different tenses and changes. I’m hoping to one day learn Farsi. I think that would be really cool, love Persians.

via Daily Prompt: Translate

Hope you guys enjoyed my first daily post prompt! Thanks for reading!