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FALL DIY: Flower Wall Hanging

Hello everyone! I wanted to share this fall DIY! Feel free to check out my video on it below! What you’ll need: fake flowers (just the flowers, not with stems), thread, needle, a branch, and nails or any way you prefer to get the branch to the wall.

All you have to do is thread the needle through the flowers. I pushed the needle through the plastic part of the flower, with the green part from the stem. It’s hard too push it through, so I used a glass bottle to push it in, to avoid hurting my fingers.

After I threaded my first row of flowers through, I cut the thread and double-knotted it to the branch. I repeated this step four times. My pattern was doing four flowers on one row, five on the other, and so on. Feel free to do whatever pattern you would like!

After I finished all of my flower rows, I used two small nails to hang the branch against the wall. This was the final result below. I love how it came out! Perfect for the upcoming fall season! Let me know what you guys think!



DIY: Plain Vase to a Cute Flower Arrangement

Hello everyone,

Today I have an extremely simple DIY, but I’m hoping that it’ll inspire you guys to decorate. My living room is extremely lacking in the décor department, so I wanted to create a really cute flower vase setup. I purchased a glass vase/cyclinder thing and spray-paint both from Michaels for about $25. I highly recommend looking online for coupons, they usually have 40% off coupon you can use.

I placed a trash bag outside on my patio, so the paint and smell wouldn’t get inside my apartment. Then I placed the glass vase upside down (so I could get the bottom) and started spraying like a crazy person. I recommend spraying at the same distance when you’re going around, if you want an even finish. I wasn’t really paying attention to that and ended up with some parts darker than the others, but it made it look rustic, which I really like. The paint I used was a Krylon Chalk Paint in Mink. It looks like a dark, matte gray/silver color.

The flower combo I settled on was a light blue hydrangea, blue poupurri, and some other one that I have no idea what it is. FYI, all fake, of course.


That’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed and got inspired to create your own projects. It’s so easy to make these cute flower sets and inexpensive if you do them yourself. Meanwhile, places like Target and TjMaxx   charge $35 for something like this. If you do it yourself, not only do you save money, but you get to choose the exact colors you want and not settling for just what stores have.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments!

DIY: Spray Paint Decor Gold

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to share a quick post about some decor pieces that I spray painted gold. I recently moved and want an all white room with gold touches, but things that are gold are so expensive. Obviously I don’t mean real gold, but cute decor items at Target, Walmart, Michaels, etc, are all so expensive. So I found some inexpensive items, and decided to just spray paint them a metallic gold.

If you want to see the video tutorial of the process, click here.

I bought the wooden box from Michaels for $7.99, the flowers on clearance at Michaels for $2.00, and the spray paint at Walmart for about $5. The brand of spray paint I used was Rust-Oleum and it was in the color Metallic Gold.



I know it’s a simple DIY, but I hope it inspires you guys to decorate however you want, without buying something really expensive. Why not just by it cheap, and spray paint it the exact color you wanted?

Hope you all enjoyed!

White Computer/Desk Chair

Hello all!

Recently, I moved into a new apartment and I’ve been purchasing many different types of furniture. I wanted to share one of the items that I thought many people might like to know about. It is the BestOffice PU Leather Mid-Back Office Desk Task Chair in the color white.

I’m still in college, so I needed a little desk and chair in my room. I wanted an all white theme, and it’s actually really hard to find a nice, white chair, for a decent price. I went to different places like TJ Maxx and IKEA and they had some, but some were over $50, while most were over a $100. I was going to just give up and get a cheap black one from Walmart, but I decided to look online and thank god I did. I didn’t think I was going to find anything around my price range, (under $50), but I did. I purchased the chair from Amazon, from the seller Cavalier Wholesale. It’s a nice size, and it goes up to 19 inches. It is perfect for a desk area. The back and the seat are both white, the stand/support is silver, and the wheels are black. It is a simple and an easy set-up as well. I included pictures of the building process, so that you guys could see how simple it is. It took me about 30 minutes to set up.

Below is everything it comes with. It has easy to follow directions in the plastic with the seating pad. You don’t need any extra tools, besides what they provide.


The instructions want you to set up the wheels first. No tools are necessary for that part, all you do is push them in.


Next is the seat itself and attaching the part that will connect that to the back part. This was probably the hardest part for me to do, and that’s not saying much because it wasn’t too bad. The large silver part on the left of the photograph below made things difficult because it needs a more lifted surface to screw it in. Also, the screws are hard to get all aligned because you can’t sit the seat part down flat. But after that hurdle, everything is easy-peezy.


Next, you just screw the back part of the chair to the silver attachment. After that, the last step is to stick the entire chair part onto the rod that the wheels are attached to and voila, you’re done!


step 8

Right now, the chair is going for $31.00, but I bought it for $26.00. Maybe they were having a sale or something, because it wasn’t a holiday when I purchased it. $31.00 still is an amazing price. It’s perfect for dorms, apartments, small office spaces, etc. The seating part doesn’t have that much cushion, but it doesn’t bother me at all. But, if you have pain or are sensitive when sitting for long periods of time, maybe this isn’t the chair for you. Also, the material is alright, but if you have cats or dogs that like to scratch or chew furniture, this is not for you either.

Overall, I hope you guys enjoyed this little review and please let me know if you liked it or have any comments or questions.


DIY: Cute Mason Jars

Hello lovelies!

Sorry I’ve been super MIA for the last month and a half. With finals and moving, it was hard to keep up with the blog. But, now everything is settled down and without further ado, here’s how to make cute mason jars.

Mason jars are awesome! You can use them for so many things, such as using them as a cup, a vase, or just a cute piece of decor. But, clear jars aren’t as fun as jars that you decorated yourself. It’s pretty simple and you can get as creative as you want with mason jars. I prefer the simple look, but you can decorate it however you please.

What you’ll need:


  • Mason Jar. I bought mine from Michael’s for only $2.
  • Paint. I bought Lilac Mist from the brand Apple Barrel from Walmart for only $0.50! I usually buy acrylic paint for the jars.
  • Applicator. I used a foam applicator from Michael’s. I bought a set of 4 for $3. You can use a regular brush, I just like the foam.
  • Tray for paint. You need something to pour some paint into. I just used a paper plate. Anything will work.
  • Access to an oven.

Optional: Cord/Twine. I bought mine at Michael’s for $5.


Now, just start painting the jar. I hold the jar upside down with one hand inside and paint it that way first, (see the image below). Paint the bottom too, and then let it dry while sitting on the top.

Paining Jar

After that’s dry, add a second coat and do the same thing. When that dries, turn the jar right-side up and paint a third coat, while also paining the lid area.


When that’s dry, place it in the oven. The oven smooths everything out and gives the jar a more finished look. I kept it in the oven while it was preheating, which only took 10 minutes. I also placed my jar in an aluminum tray, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get out.

Mason Jar in Oven

Be careful when you take it out and let it cool down. After that, you have a cute mason jar, the color you want! Another option is using twine to add a little detail.


Enjoy your mason jars! Let me know if you liked it!

Thanks for reading!