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White Computer/Desk Chair

Hello all!

Recently, I moved into a new apartment and I’ve been purchasing many different types of furniture. I wanted to share one of the items that I thought many people might like to know about. It is the BestOffice PU Leather Mid-Back Office Desk Task Chair in the color white.

I’m still in college, so I needed a little desk and chair in my room. I wanted an all white theme, and it’s actually really hard to find a nice, white chair, for a decent price. I went to different places like TJ Maxx and IKEA and they had some, but some were over $50, while most were over a $100. I was going to just give up and get a cheap black one from Walmart, but I decided to look online and thank god I did. I didn’t think I was going to find anything around my price range, (under $50), but I did. I purchased the chair from Amazon, from the seller Cavalier Wholesale. It’s a nice size, and it goes up to 19 inches. It is perfect for a desk area. The back and the seat are both white, the stand/support is silver, and the wheels are black. It is a simple and an easy set-up as well. I included pictures of the building process, so that you guys could see how simple it is. It took me about 30 minutes to set up.

Below is everything it comes with. It has easy to follow directions in the plastic with the seating pad. You don’t need any extra tools, besides what they provide.


The instructions want you to set up the wheels first. No tools are necessary for that part, all you do is push them in.


Next is the seat itself and attaching the part that will connect that to the back part. This was probably the hardest part for me to do, and that’s not saying much because it wasn’t too bad. The large silver part on the left of the photograph below made things difficult because it needs a more lifted surface to screw it in. Also, the screws are hard to get all aligned because you can’t sit the seat part down flat. But after that hurdle, everything is easy-peezy.


Next, you just screw the back part of the chair to the silver attachment. After that, the last step is to stick the entire chair part onto the rod that the wheels are attached to and voila, you’re done!


step 8

Right now, the chair is going for $31.00, but I bought it for $26.00. Maybe they were having a sale or something, because it wasn’t a holiday when I purchased it. $31.00 still is an amazing price. It’s perfect for dorms, apartments, small office spaces, etc. The seating part doesn’t have that much cushion, but it doesn’t bother me at all. But, if you have pain or are sensitive when sitting for long periods of time, maybe this isn’t the chair for you. Also, the material is alright, but if you have cats or dogs that like to scratch or chew furniture, this is not for you either.

Overall, I hope you guys enjoyed this little review and please let me know if you liked it or have any comments or questions.



DIY: Magnetic Makeup Board

Hello everyone!

I’m going back to school in a month, so I’m trying to get all my dorm stuff ready. Of course, there are some things I want that are just too expensive. A magnetic make up board is one of them. So I figured, why not just make it myself? Here’s what you’re going to need:

-Picture Frame (TJ MAXX $12.99)

Picture Frame

-Sheet Metal (Lowe’s $7.00) Preferably same size as frame. Also, my Lowe’s told me they couldn’t cut it, but some do. Ask before you buy the cutters.

Sheet Metal + Cutters

-Cutters (Pictured Above) (Lowe’s $7.50 ) Make sure the gauge is the same gauge as your sheet metal. ONLY IF SHEET METAL NEEDS TO BE CUT!

-Fabric or craft paper/wrapping paper (Michaels $8.99 )


-Magnetic Strips (Target 4.99) Btw, Walmart doesn’t sell it.


-Glue Gun (Michaels 3.99)


-Tape/Measuring tool

First, if your sheet metal isn’t the same size as your frame, you need to cut it. Use a sharpie to outline the size of the frame, then cut it out. Be careful, because the edges of the sheet metal are very sharp and may hurt your hands. If you have hardware gloves or just an thick glove, definitely put those on.

After you get your sheet metal cut, test it out by placing it in the frame, like how you would put a picture. When it passes the test, place it on your fabric or craft paper/wrapping paper. I would recommend the fabric, because it’ll last you a longer time and you won’t have to worry about it tearing randomly, especially on the sharp edges of the sheet metal. Cut around the sheet metal, about 1in-2in away from the sheet metal. After you do that, use your tape and tape the fabric/paper to the back of the sheet metal.


Make sure the front is flat, (no air bubbles), and then put it in your frame. Now your board’s done!

The last step is the easiest. All you need to do is cut your magnetic strips to fit your makeup products. Heavier products may need more magnets. Then hot glue the sticky part of the magnet to your product, be sure to press down for at least 30 seconds. After that, it should just stay on your magnetic board!


I really love this! It makes everything look neater and I can find my favorite products much faster than when they were sitting on my vanity! I love that I can choose what it looks like, because it matched my dorm stuff! A lot of magnetic makeup boards are expensive, and most of the time you won’t find the style you’re looking for. Making it yourself gives you the chance to create the exact look you want!

Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you tried it!