EyeBuyDirect: Prescription Glasses Review Style Chillax (Video)

Hello everyone! I recently purchased some new glasses from EyeBuyDirect and wanted to share a video review on them. I really love the style! These are affordable, even with my prescription added to them. Hope the video helps anyone deciding if they should try EyeBuyDirect. https://youtu.be/KBM2aQOav_g

EyeBuyDirect Frame Review: St. Michel

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my thoughts on the EyeBuyDirect frame style St. Michel. If you wear prescription glasses and you haven't tried EyeBuyDirect, you better keep reading. If you like to wear glasses for fashion and like inexpensive high-quality glasses, also keep reading. Style/Look of Frames These frames are metal and are extremely... Continue Reading →

Eye Buy Direct Review

Hello everyone! I am a person who tends to wear contacts every single day. For anyone who can relate, I'm sure you've heard your optometrist say "you should give your eyes some breathing time, and wear your glasses once a week". Now listen, I think we all know how much glasses with prescriptions from our... Continue Reading →

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