Seasonal Bakes: Cinnamon-Apple Cake

Hello everyone! It is finally feeling chilly in North Carolina and I am in the holiday spirit. I was craving the delicious smell of cinnamon and decided to try and make a cinnamon apple cake. I found this beginner friendly recipe from the website the Sweetest Menu. It was super easy and tasted delicious. I... Continue Reading →

Charleston Trip: Cuisine

Hello! Over Labor Day weekend, my friend and I decided to go back to Charleston, SC. Check out my post from Labor Day 2018 if you haven't read that yet. This trip features a lot of food! I live about three and half hours away from Charleston, so we drove there. Instead of going to... Continue Reading →

Toronto Trip

Hello everyone! I was looking through some photos from my Toronto trip last year, and found myself smiling at all of them. Then I realized, I never told you guys about it! Am I even a blogger?! Toronto was my first time travelling outside the U.S, so it was really exciting for me! I know,... Continue Reading →

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