Home Decor Idea: Hanging Plant in Living Room

Hello everyone! I'm slowly getting my apartment to be more homely, and this was the newest installation. My boyfriend helped me set up this hanging plant. I've had this plant for about two years and I'm so happy to see it hanging back up! Plants not only help our environment with air pollutants, but I... Continue Reading →

Amazon Haul

Hello everyone! I recently purchased some items from Amazon and wanted to share it with you guys. *Links will be through my Amazon affiliate links* Handmade Coasters $7: 6 coasters First up, are these super cute and cozy coasters! I've been wanting to upgrade my coasters for a while and loved the look of these... Continue Reading →

Revamped: 6 Cube Organizer

Hello everyone! I have another home project today: painting my cube storage unit. I'm sure you guys may own or have owned something similar. My particular unit is from my freshman college days, so that makes it about...six years old?!? It's been through various dorms, apartments, and not the best treatment over all these years... Continue Reading →

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