Durham Trip – My First Comedy Show

Hello everyone! I went to my first comedy show this past weekend! It was a great experience and I wanted to share the trip with you guys! The show was in Durham, NC and the comedian was Nimesh Patel. I'm sure you may have seen him if you have a Tiktok, but if not, you... Continue Reading →

Come with me to Grandfather Vineyard! (vlog)

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a fun weekend! I was able to finally sit down and edit my vlog from my time at Grandfather Vineyard in Boone, NC. If you prefer to read about it, click here. If you enjoyed the vlog, don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe, would super appreciate it!... Continue Reading →

For Summer

You make my hands boil as they touch the steering wheel. My face looks like I've bathed in oil, Your army of wasps have attacked me with great zeal. When will your great sister Winter come, To save us from your torture? The cold will come and you'll go numb I will applaud for your... Continue Reading →

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