Late Halloween – Jessie!

Hello everyone! Now this post is a tad late, just a tad, but please enjoy my Halloween costume. My boyfriend and I were Jessie and James from Team Rocket! It was so much fun putting this costume together, and the wigs were definitely the star of the outfits. My boyfriend is more private, but trust... Continue Reading →

Cute Etsy Stickers

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a great weekend! I am an avid Etsy shopper and two stickers that I ordered for my water bottle came in. I'm so excited! The first one is the iconic, Magikarp. I thought this was hilarious and would motivate me to drink more water. The second one is Nezuko... Continue Reading →

Happy Video Game Day!

I found out from Twitter that today is National Video Game Day, not sure if that's a thing, but I'll still celebrate it! I love adventure/rpg games, but I also like my shooter games as well. Over the years, I've mostly stuck to my favorite games and play them after work, not really looking to... Continue Reading →

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