Natural Everyday Cruelty-Free Makeup – Four Products

Hello everyone! I've been feeling the natural look, since it has been so hot in the south! I figured there's no point in using my expensive foundation, if it's all going to melt off. So, I've been rocking a super minimal look and loving it! I was so happy with how this look turned out,... Continue Reading →

Busy Bee – Yellow Eyeshadow Look

Today, I wanted to try something that was out of my comfort zone, going all yellow! I used the shade 'Solar', from the Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette, to do this look. I also used Vasanti Cosmetics Cleopatra liner for the wing on this look. It's simple and easy to do, but still makes an... Continue Reading →

Ready for Autumn

Autumn is technically only four days away, but I'm ready for it. I was putting out my fall decorations and got inspired to create a look with some autumn colors. I used my Revolution: Forever Flawless Constellation Palette. I used the shades: Mars, Universal, Celestial, and Harp. For the shade Mars, I had to pack... Continue Reading →

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