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Wantable Accessories Box: April 2015

Hello lovelies!

I finally got my Wantable Accessories Box for April 2015! So without further ado, here’s what I got:

Estelle Scarf in Pink: Retails for $22, Wantable price $11.58.

Estelle Scarf Pink

Olivia Bracelet in Gold: Retails for $16. Wantable price $8.42.

Olivia Bracelet in Gold

Lesly Earrings Gold. Retails for $16. Wantable price $8.42.

Lesly Hoop Earrings

Bally Necklace Gold. Retails for $22. Wantable price $11.58.

Bally Necklace in Gold

This was my first Accessories box from Wantable, I usually get the Makeup box, but I wanted to switch it up. I’m very happy with this box, I love gold jewelry! I especially love the necklace because it has the “Cleopatra-statement-necklace” feeling. I paid $40 and received a box worth $76! Now that’s a nice deal! Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks so much for reading!


Wantable: March 2015 Makeup Box

Hey guys!

I opened my Wantable March Makeup box, and I couldn’t wait to share what was inside with you guys! It’s only my second box, but I’m in love with this one much more than my February box. So without further ado, here’s what I received:

Lise Watier: Smokey Kohl Velours-Noir. Retails for $20.                                                                           Lise Watier: Smokey Kohl Velours-Noir

Bodyography: Nail Lacquer in Fancy Free. Retails for $8.50.

Bodyography: Fancy Free

Sorme: Lip Thick Plumping Lip Gloss in Twinkle. Retails for $18.


Cattiva Cosmetics: Cattiva Mineral Foundation Compact in Medium. Retails for $53.

Cattiva: Mineral Foundation

I love everything I got and can’t wait to try them out! I think I’m most excited for the Cattiva Mineral Foundation and the Bodyography Nail Lacquer, but the others are amazing as well!

For those of you who don’t know what Wantable is, it’s a subscription box, where you pay $36 a month. It is expensive, but they send you a variety of full sized products, all ranging in different prices. I paid $36 and got a box worth $99.50! Also, if you don’t want to pay for any reason, you can either skip a month or just cancel the subscription. If you want to just try it one time, not monthly, it’s $40.

Let me know what you guys think and if you’ve tried any of these products!

Thanks for reading!

Unboxing Wantable: February 2015 Makeup Box

Hey guys!

So I just got my first ever Wantable box and I love it! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a service that sends you either a makeup, accessories, fitness, or an intimidates box. For the makeup box, they have a quiz where you choose what you love, like, and don’t want at all. You don’t know what you’ll get, a personal stylist picks out your products based on your quiz, (mine was Joey), and you get 4 full-sized products. You can by it once for $40, (no shipping cost in the U.S.) or you can pay $36 a month. With the monthly subscription, you can choose if you want to skip a month or even unsubscribe without a penalty. So without further ado here’s what I got:


Liberty Republic: Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Catalyst. Retails for $14.

Spellbound: Catalyst

Bodyography: Eye Liner Pencil Black Magic. Retails for $13.


Suratt Beauty: Concealer Olive #5. Retails for $50.

Surrat Beauty Concealer

Lord & Berry: Shiny Lipstick Fuscia. Retails for $19.

Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick

You guys, I got $96 worth of products when I only payed $36! Even though it may be expensive per month, at least you know you get over what you payed for. I really liked everything, except the Lord & Berry Lipstick. You have the option to return it, but I don’t really see the point because I won’t get a refund, since the Surrat Concealer is $50, and I really want to keep that. The concealer and the Bodyography eye pencil, are what I’m most excited about!

Check out the actual video of me opening it!

Let me know if you guys have tried Wantable and if you liked it, or if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading!