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Female Side-Burn Love

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all having an amazing start of the week so far! Today, I have something a little different I wanted to talk about. It’s sideburns.

At my job, a customer told me I should get my sideburns waxed. Mind you, we weren’t having a conversation about that at all. She just randomly said it, and it made me feel insecure, like middle-school all over again.

But that feeling only lasted for a second, because I remembered that I had waxed them back in middle school, and had absolutely hated it. So that’s what I told her, and she said that I should still think about it. She did it and it changed her life, apparently. Just letting you guys know, this is a white, blonde woman telling this to me. I’m a medium-tan olive complexion, with black hair.

That interaction really irked me. I don’t really like when people you don’t know try and tell you what to do, you know what I mean.

Anyway, back on topic. Female sideburns. Now it’s 2017, a great time for female hair growth. The brows, lashes, legs, pits, so why can’t  sideburns be on that list too? Well guess what, they’re on mine.

I used to feel really ugly back in my younger days, surrounded by gorgeous blonde girls, who virtually had no hair. When I started wearing makeup, was when I noticed my sideburns.

I begged my mom to let me wax them, and let me tell you, worst experience ever! I can stand the pain because I used to get my eyebrows waxed, (threaded now). But, the aftermath was the worst. I had little, irritated, red bumps and the hair started growing back coarse. It was more obvious when they were growing back because it was like black dots on my face. Super itchy and annoying, and makeup couldn’t cover it.

Eventually, I learned to accept and actually like my sideburns. Honestly, I looked weird without them.


And, it made me feel better to know that many of my favorite celebrities also loved their sideburns. Like Aishwarya Rai and Alia Bhatt, (pictured below), two really great Bollywood actresses.


If you want to get rid of your sideburns, go for it. What I want you to take away from this post, is do it because you want to, not because some judgmental person put it into your head. Also, be prepared and exfoliate so you don’t get those nasty red bumps like I did.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this! Thanks so much for reading!


Eyebrows: Why I Prefer Threading Over Waxing

Hello there!

Today I wanted to talk about eyebrows. I’m not the type of person who fills/draws their eyebrows on because, well quite frankly, I’m awful at it. Every time I try, I end up looking like I have two fat black caterpillars on my face. So it’s very important to me that my eyebrows get shaped up very well. This is why I love threading.

Threading may sound painful, but it’s really not that bad. It’s just a person using a “twist” type of technique with thread. They’re able to pluck out lots of stray hairs with the thread, much more than you would be able to with a tweezer.  I used to feel the pain when I first started, but like waxing, you just get used to it. All of the places I went to get my brows waxed always made them look weird. I have naturally thick eyebrows, and they would always make them thinner than they’re supposed to be. I hated it. Also, many waxing places follow the eyebrow “golden ratio”. For those of you who don’t know what that is, here’s a picture to help.

eyebrwoIt’s kind of like their guide for eyebrows. This was a horrible guide for mine. Obviously not everyone’s eyebrows or facial measurements are the same, so what you do on one person, may not look as good on another. My eyebrows naturally start a little more in, than where the picture has the “begin brow””. But when I got them waxed, they would wax those parts off and have it line up with the beginning of my eye. It really messed up how the rest of my face looked. Also, since that was a natural part of my brows, the hairs would grow back super fast, so I would usually go about every two weeks!

I love threading because the people who thread only follow how your eyebrow specifically looks, not a “one rule for all” type of guide. If you have thick eyebrows, they’ll keep them like that, but just shape them up to be better. One of the best things about threading is that over time, you’ll notice the stray hairs growing slower and slower. Now I usually go after a month and a half. That’s a huge change from every two weeks. Also, I would highly recommend threading for anyone with sensitive skin. I have a friend who went to get her brows waxed one day, but she had a really bad reaction to the wax because of her sensitive skin. The skin under the brows were swollen and super red for about two days. Please be careful with wax if you have sensitive skin! Luckily, with threading they don’t use anything like that. Just the thread. I’ve been getting my brows threaded for over three years now and definitely not going back to waxing.

Let me know which you prefer!

Thanks for reading!