Thoughts on Netflix Documentary: Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey

*TW: Discussion/Documentary includes content about sexual assault of minors, so please keep that in mind if you watch it or read this post*

I finished the documentary, Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey on Netflix, a few weeks ago and I’m still reeling from it. This will contain “spoilers”, but since it’s a documentary, I feel weird calling it a spoiler when its the story of real people…idk seems odd. Basically, if you haven’t seen it, you might be confused reading through this, so watch it first.

This documentary about the FLDS, Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is insane and I’m shocked that there are still followers who follow the leader, Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of sexual assault of a minor. There’s audio evidence that he did it and records that they kept. How can someone still support that person as your leader, or “prophet” as they call him. It’s disgusting. I mean fine, believe in your religion and even polygamy, but maybe use some critical thinking skills and realize that this person you thought was the “prophet” is maybe not the person your god may have chosen…maybe he was lying and just wanted control and power?

I’m just frustrated because the young children, as young as fourteen, were supposed to be protected by their parents and instead were given as illegal, child brides, to disgusting old men just so their fathers could feel like they fulfilled the duty that their lord wanted and possibly get their own child bride. It’s like the young girls and women were just goods that could be traded. If you gave the prophet your daughter, he would give you another wife. Just disgusting and honestly, I don’t see how people who grew up outside of it could be brought into such a cult.

I understand that the people who grew up in it and had the teachings ingrained into them, may not have been as aware that certain aspects were wrong or against the law . They didn’t know anything, didn’t know what was going on (at least as children), and didn’t know they could get help from the outside world. But people who were from the outside who came in…wtf. Just wtf.

It’s insane the this cult still exists in the present day. Men can have over 30 wives, possibly still marrying young children over the border, and ingraining the “keep sweet, pray, and obey” mentality. I keep saying it, but it’s disgusting, and I can not wrap my head around how these people think this is what will grant them into their version of heaven, at least the men. A former member in the documentary said they didn’t really know what happened to the women, because obviously women are treated as cattle in this cult, so who cares what happens to them.

Obviously, I’m fired up over this. If you watched the documentary, they played the audio recording of the assault of the child and also showed pictures of the children who were raped and forced to have their own children. The photos of the maybe 12-14 year old girls holding their babies are ingrained in my mind.

Cults like this need to be shut down, like the government can regulate women’s bodies and the state of Utah immediately bans abortion, but the state can’t do anything about a pedophilia cult?!?

I love that Warren Jeffs, the pedophile prophet, was taken down by the women who left the cult. The women, who he regarding as nothing and assaulted as children, were the ones to bring him down. Kudos to them, it takes a lot of strength to come out and tell their story. They went through a lot and one of them described how hard it was being in the outside world, as an adult, and just not knowing certain things. She came back to town and feels more comfortable around fellow former FLDS members who took their lives back from the cult.

I just had to share my thoughts on this documentary and cult. It’s a cult, not a religious sect. The people who are still following Warren Jeffs are completely brainwashed and all the children and women should be removed from these environments.

What were your thoughts on this documentary? Mine are pretty aggressive I guess, but I stick by them..😅

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