DIY: Plain Vase to a Cute Flower Arrangement

Hello everyone,

Today I have an extremely simple DIY, but I’m hoping that it’ll inspire you guys to decorate. My living room is extremely lacking in the décor department, so I wanted to create a really cute flower vase setup. I purchased a glass vase/cyclinder thing and spray-paint both from Michaels for about $25. I highly recommend looking online for coupons, they usually have 40% off coupon you can use.

I placed a trash bag outside on my patio, so the paint and smell wouldn’t get inside my apartment. Then I placed the glass vase upside down (so I could get the bottom) and started spraying like a crazy person. I recommend spraying at the same distance when you’re going around, if you want an even finish. I wasn’t really paying attention to that and ended up with some parts darker than the others, but it made it look rustic, which I really like. The paint I used was a Krylon Chalk Paint in Mink. It looks like a dark, matte gray/silver color.

The flower combo I settled on was a light blue hydrangea, blue poupurri, and some other one that I have no idea what it is. FYI, all fake, of course.


That’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed and got inspired to create your own projects. It’s so easy to make these cute flower sets and inexpensive if you do them yourself. Meanwhile, places like Target and TjMaxx   charge $35 for something like this. If you do it yourself, not only do you save money, but you get to choose the exact colors you want and not settling for just what stores have.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments!

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